Boston TeamLogic IT Franchise Takes Top Volume Honors at Owners Summit

Success comes from a multidisciplinary approach that ensures current customers are fully served as new clients are brought on board

Jim and Andy Hackett would really like to enjoy being the top-volume TeamLogic IT franchise and the honors that come with it. And they would, if they could just slow down.

“We’re growing like crazy, running 90 miles an hour and trying to get our 2016 plans in place,” Jim explains. “We’re really strapping ourselves in for the ride.”

The top volume award goes to the office that generates the highest sales volume in managed services, onsite support, and hardware and software sales combined for the previous year, and the Hacketts dominated in every category, says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT.


TeamLogic IT franchise owners Jim and Andy Hackett led the pack in 2015, picking up Top Volume honors at the recent Owners Summit.

Kicking it, taking names

“The winner of this year’s award had a kickass 2014,” Chuck says, adding that “ ‘Kickass’ is a technical term that originates in Brooklyn.

“Not only did they have a strong 2014, but they also had a very strong 2013. And a really strong 2012. And a great 2011. You get the idea. This year’s winners operate a fantastic business and have ever since they opened eight years ago.”

Similar to prior Top Volume winners, the Hacketts’ ongoing success is not due to good luck, Chuck adds.

“These folks show up every day ready to work as hard as it takes to get the work done and to ensure the customer is left smiling,” he says. “They are focused on the key areas of their business: marketing, sales operations and customer service.


Market penetration key to success

The Boston TeamLogic IT franchise team also has a strong commitment to annual business planning — tracking their results against their business and “planning like a hawk,” Chuck adds.

“Reports are published every month to track results so there are never any surprises,” he says. “When you get to this level of revenue in your business and you can still experience year-over-year, double-digit growth like they have done for the past eight years, it truly is an amazing feat. In addition to running a very successful business, they also are tremendous contributors to our network. Many franchisees turn to them for advice and direction — and they are quick to respond and quick to offer any help they can provide.”

Much of that advice comes in passing along wisdom on how to get, and keep, customers while also growing their overall client base.

“Our success is really on how we focus on our customers and keep that business year in and year out,” Jim says. “That’s how we get such strong referrals, and when the customers are happy we’re having a lot of fun — even when we are really busy. We succeed because we do business with all kinds of companies, from ad agencies and PR firms to law and dental offices. We focus on the people who need their computer technology to deliver their service, and who use everything from desktop PCs to tablets. We have a really broad focus, which helps us to grow.”

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