Charter Schools Benefit from Education Expertise They Get from TeamLogic IT

Standalone schools and entire education systems alike rely on IT systems that must be safe, secure, and consistent to serve students

Any educational facility, whether it’s a pre-K provider or bustling high school, has a robust technology infrastructure. TeamLogic IT franchise owners have long been serving the education industry, and now we are using that expertise to help charter schools with their complex technology needs.

Charters, which are privately run schools utilizing public funding, are growing in popularity in many urban markets. Many of them tout a high-tech focus for students, so it’s imperative that their administrative and classroom systems are safe and secure. Enter TeamLogic IT, which is meeting that need for a growing array of businesses and industries of all sizes.


Educators value the on-site collaboration that TeamLogic IT franchise owners and technicians provide.

Many needs requires comprehensive solution

“The claim to fame for many charter operators is that they are very tech-savvy,” explains Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “That’s usually when they are talking about tablets and whiteboards in the classroom. But they also have to be very security-focused in everything from firewalls to protect sensitive student records to the cameras and systems that monitor entrances and exits.”

“The word here is ‘security,’” Chuck says. “These schools, like any other, need to have network security. They need data security. And they need operations security. All of that points to a need for managed IT services, not just a vendor who installs new software or equipment and then goes away.”

Consistent collaboration achieves results

By providing managed IT services, TeamLogic IT franchise owners and their technicians become valued partners for charter school operators. That’s important when those educators are relying on their IT investment to help their students outperform expectations.

“When we first meet many charter operators, they are floundering because they’ve been up and running for a year or two, but they haven’t done much IT maintenance at all,” Chuck says. “They have very good networks, but their software is out of date, or important security patches have gone uninstalled because they don’t have anyone on staff solely devoted to their technology needs.”

TeamLogic IT

Branding is essential to success, and TeamLogic IT franchise owners and techs make sure that businesses know who’s providing valuable managed IT services.

After an evaluation, TeamLogic IT makes recommendations to fix the most pressing issues, and then sits down with school officials to map out a plan for ongoing maintenance. Since educators spend a lot of time doing that kind of planning with parents, they understand the value.

“These are people who are working with kids day to day, but they’re also looking down the road at where they want these kids to be,” Chuck says. “We do exactly the same thing with their entire technology platform, and it gives them tremendous peace of mind.”

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