CompTIA Managed Services Study Good News for TeamLogic IT Franchise

More and more businesses are turning to the managed services IT maintenance and repair model, a mainstay of TeamLogic IT services

Anyone running a small business likes validation from a trusted resource. TeamLogic IT franchise owners have gotten that, in a big way, from the Computing Technology Industry Association, or CompTIA.

The respected IT industry trade association has released its Fourth Annual Trends In Managed Services Survey, and it’s page after page of good news for TeamLogic IT, says President Chuck Lennon.

“It couldn’t be a better read for any TeamLogic IT franchise owner,” says Chuck, who serves on several CompTIA committees and is a former board member. “It’s a snapshot of the industry, and what it says is that what we have been doing, and continue to do with regard to managed services, is the way to go.”

TeamLogic IT named top franchise

TeamLogic IT franchises are reaping the benefits of higher business awareness of the managed services model.

Rising familiarity equals solid sales

The concept of managed services, where a company pays a flat monthly rate to have a TeamLogic IT franchise team at its disposal for any problems, as well as for consultations regarding system upgrades and more, has become familiar to American businesses, the study says.

“While one-time projects account for some of these engagements, a significant portion is ongoing management of one or more IT functions by a managed services provider,” said Carolyn April, CompTIA’s senior director of industry analysis, when the study was released. “There is a much higher degree of familiarity with the term ‘managed services’ and greater adoption.”

More than two-thirds of the companies surveyed reported that they had used an outside IT firm such as TeamLogic IT within the past year. Those surveyed also said that in many cases they kept an internal IT staff and additionally used a managed services provider to supplement their efforts — or to handle regular maintenance and upgrades while the staff IT team worked on more strategic pursuits. The takeaway, Chuck says, is that managed services are becoming the preferred way of handling IT issues, and that TeamLogic IT is well positioned to capitalize on that.

Reliable income helps franchise operations

“We have long held that managed services, which are now 41 percent of our revenue across the TeamLogic IT network, are the best way to go,” he says. “These contracts give our franchise owners a steady, reliable source of income that lets them ramp up staffing and handle other expansion needs in a manner that doesn’t interfere with profitability.”


With all that said, CompTIA’s study does point out that there still is a ways to go in terms of integrating managed services more fully into the business world. In particular, an industrywide definition of what the term means is something that needs to be settled upon soon.

“That’s something that continues to come up at CompTIA events we attend, and within our own conversations with franchise owners,” Chuck says. “For TeamLogic IT, ‘managed services’ means that we manage a client’s entire IT portfolio. We make repairs, we evaluate new technology, and we make recommendations for both hardware and software to help grow their business. I believe the industry standard definition soon will come to reflect what ours always says.”

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