Entrepreneur.com Interviews TeamLogic IT Franchise Owner Drayton Mayers

Mayers says TeamLogic IT stands out for its ability to form partnerships, help grow the local economy

Team Logic IT franchise

Drayton Mayers

When Entrepreneur wants to talk to a small business owner for its magazine or website, it’s a big deal. In the past few years, TeamLogic IT franchise operations and owners have graced its pages several times, and now Memphis owner Drayton Mayers has joined that group.

With almost four years under his belt with TeamLogic IT, Drayton talks about the opportunities that owning a TeamLogic IT franchise has afforded him. He also points out the differences that TeamLogic IT brings to the table, and why it was the right call for him.

Finding ‘a natural fit’

“TeamLogic IT acts as a strategic partner to an organization, not as a necessary evil,” Drayton says. “We were impressed by their model and inspired by their culture. We also liked the fact that Franchise Services Inc. has been very successful launching other franchise concepts. They are totally focused on supporting franchisees like me.”

Drayton adds that while he wanted to be in his own business, he knew he didn’t have the “time, talent, and treasure” to create all the systems he would need to enter the marketplace in a competitive position. A TeamLogic IT franchise gave him immediate leverage over more “homegrown” competitors, he says.

Global business background

Team Logic IT Franchise

The ability of TeamLogic IT franchise owners to grow their businesses quickly is of interest to national publications like Entrepreneur magazine and Entrepreneur.com.

After spending almost three decades traveling around the world developing international markets for U.S. food companies and other exporters, Drayton knew his way around a business. The opportunity to start a small operation, but still leverage his hard-earned skills, was too good to pass up. Still, there were some surprises.

“Finding the right staff was a challenge,” he says. “We are a team of people — not just a bundle of technologies. Having the right mix of experience, professional skills, competencies, and the right soft skills is critical. The quality of my engineers is the secret behind our success.”

And that, he says, is why he recommends caution and a very deliberate approach to starting any business, even one as well-thought-out as a TeamLogic IT franchise.

teamlogic stat“Measure twice, cut once,” Drayton says. “Invest the right amount; do not start an undercapitalized business. Trust the system provided by the franchisor. Have realistic expectations: Remember you, not your franchisor, are responsible for your success.”

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