Funeral Homes an Unexpected Growth Market for TeamLogic IT Franchises

From required recordkeeping to complicated shipping and ordering, the IT needs of a funeral home are a natural for managed IT services

When TeamLogic IT franchise owners go after new business, they take a very comprehensive approach. That means going after nonprofits, restaurants, and retail outlets, but it also means exploring some unique niches.

“We did a survey of franchise owners to see where they were having success and got some very surprising results,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “Along with the expected, such as health care and retail, we saw businesses like funeral homes on the list. At first we were surprised, but it really makes sense. That’s a business with strong IT operations, and it’s one that other vendors don’t even think about approaching.”


Managed services from a TeamLogic IT franchise works for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Consistent IT support crucial in funeral industry

Funeral home operators have many regulations to follow at local, state, and national levels. They must keep track of embalming chemicals and equipment, as well as constantly be ordering caskets and other materials. They interact with insurance companies and government agencies for claims and reimbursement issues. And because their business cycles are somewhat unpredictable, they need dependable IT systems to make sure their clients are not inconvenienced during a painful time.

“What our TeamLogic IT franchise owners found is that not a lot of IT service providers knock on the doors of funeral homes,” Chuck says. “And once our folks got in, they found that these operators have extensive IT systems in place for many core functions, and that they were very interested in a managed IT services contract that would give them the same peace of mind they offer the grieving families they provide support to every day.”

Variety of clients, similarity of service

This is just one example of how being able to step into any business — and learn how its IT systems function — is a key differentiator for TeamLogic IT. It’s also proof of how TeamLogic IT franchise owners are able to not only grow their existing business, but also bring in entirely new industries.

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“Almost any business is a good client for us,” Chuck says, “and because TeamLogic IT franchise owners know that they have excellent support and training when it comes to both sales and marketing, they have the confidence to call on any company in their area and know they will likely be successful in adding that operation as a new client.”

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