How the TeamLogic IT Franchise Protects Customers from Data Leaks

When critical data is exposed to competitors or the public, the fallout can be anything from loss of business to stiff regulatory fines

TeamLogic IT franchise

TeamLogic IT franchise technicians can protect large server systems from hacks.


Normally a customer call just before Christmas is full of well wishes and good cheer. When the phone rang on a Saturday evening at the TeamLogic IT franchise in Woburn, Massachusetts, however, it wasn’t a happy occasion.

“Our client, a theatre, had a workstation potentially infected with the CryptoLocker virus,” says Jim Hackett, TeamLogic IT franchise owner. “Our technician requested that they disconnect the workstation in question, and he traveled to assist them.”

Worst-case scenario averted

On site, the tech found that the worst had happened: the ransomware had encrypted almost 75 percent of the theatre’s data files, and instructions had been left about where to send payment for decryption. The thieves were foiled, though, thanks to TeamLogic IT’s managed care solutions, which included a data recovery plan that was in place.

“We had deployed a robust device on their network that was performing hourly backups of all their data, and our tech was able to check through their hourly snapshots and find a clean data set from an hour before they called us,” Jim recalls. “Because they were in the middle of a show that evening, no one had been on the server. No data had been modified — we restored from a backup, and they did not lose anything.”

Planning ahead pays off every time

TeamLogic IT franchise

TeamLogic IT franchise owners help keep cloud-based computing safe.

In short order, TeamLogic IT had all files and file permissions restored, and then wiped the infected workstation so that it could be returned to the network. Problem solved, and all because this small business relied on its technology advisor not just for hardware and software, but also for advice on how to prevent problems as it grew.

“We assess, then recommend,” explains Chuck Lennon, president of TeamLogic IT. “We can’t implement a solution without understanding what the business’ issues are, so we really work to get to know every client. And when we do provide that assessment, their eyes pop open every time — they have no idea how vulnerable they are. But then we set them up with firewalls and a security program, and they are so relieved.”

As trusted partners and technology advisors, TeamLogic IT franchise owners are much, much more than the “IT guy” who comes in to fix the broken PCs. As our clients grow and succeed, so do our franchises.

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