Managed Care Makes TeamLogic IT Much More Than A Computer Repair Franchise

TeamLogic IT is a managed care computer franchise built on collaboration.

TeamLogic IT is a managed care computer franchise built on collaboration.

Saturday night isn’t the greatest time for a client’s mayday call, but every small business owner knows he or she is on duty 24/7. That’s certainly true of a TeamLogic IT franchise owner, because managed IT services don’t run on a 9-to-5 schedule.

But managed services is a major part of what TeamLogic IT does, and it separates us from a typical computer repair franchise. We’re not just selling and servicing equipment to clients, but being a proactive partner to help them prevent tech problems by providing sound advice and solutions.

All those services came together one December night in Woburn, Massachusetts, when TeamLogic IT owner Jim Hackett got a call from a theatre. A holiday production was in full swing, and something was going terribly wrong with the IT setup. “They had a workstation potentially infected with the CryptoLocker virus,” Jim says. “Our technician requested that they disconnect the workstation in question, and he traveled to assist them.”

Staying ahead of potential problems

The ransomware had encrypted almost 75 percent of the theatre’s data files, and instructions had been left as to where to send payment for decryption. The thieves were foiled, though, thanks to TeamLogic IT’s managed care solutions, which included a data-recovery plan that was in place.

“We had deployed a robust device on their network that was performing hourly backups of all their data, and our tech was able to check through their hourly snapshots and find a clean data set from an hour before they called us,” Jim recalls. “Because they were in the middle of a show that evening, no one had been on the server and so no data had been modified — we restored from a backup, and they did not lose anything.”

Across the country in Mountain View, California, TeamLogic IT franchise owners Jim and Adrienne Wong give advice in person and via email to current and potential clients about the dangers of viruses, and about how they can be avoided. They know the value of having a managed care partner to help in that regard.

For instance, many people will just blithely insert a USB drive into their computer, trusting that the data it contains — and the source it came from — are OK. But these days, USB means not just Universal Serial Bus, but also Ultimate Security Breakdown, according to many experts.

“We have had customers infect office computers with viruses when they plugged in a USB drive from unknown sources,” Adrienne says. “Everyone should beware of all sources of malware and other forms of cyber attacks.”

TeamLogic IT franchise

TeamLogic IT franchise technicians can protect large server systems from hacks.

Data destroyed, records lost in attacks

This is where the TeamLogic IT system of managed care comes to the rescue. Because TeamLogic IT franchise owners and techs have been sitting at the table with clients as they plan their business growth, they know what systems are in place. This partnership yields results in many ways, including enhanced productivity and efficient operations, but it also saves the day in times of emergency, says Chuck Lennon, president of TeamLogic IT.

“Some of our clients have been hit with ransomware, and those who have followed two recommendations — that of having a very good, sound data backup system and a business continuity solution — have had very little impact from it,” Chuck points out. “Our TeamLogic IT franchise owners also report that they’ve been called to many businesses without those solutions in place, and there they’ve had to deal with systems and servers being tied up for several days, and had to watch those businesses pay quite a bit of money to gain access to their systems.”

The changing world of cyber security is one more headache for small businesses, and most are aware that they don’t have the technical know-how to ward off attacks. TeamLogic IT does, and the solutions are more common sense than one might think.

TeamLogic IT franchise

TeamLogic IT franchise owners know the value of multiple-device operations.

“The latest attacks we’re hearing about really refocus the need for small businesses to be careful not just about having spam filters, but on staff education and system enhancement,” Chuck says. “But the best thing a business owner can do is to make sure their backup and recovery systems are in place and ready to go. Then what could be a hugely expensive problem becomes a fixable issue.”

TeamLogic IT can work with businesses on every single one of these safety steps, Chuck points out.

Much more than a computer repair franchise

“We don’t just do ‘break-fix’ work for clients, we act as partners so that sensible, proactive solutions for security, and every other way that IT touches their business operations, can be mapped out and put into place,” he says.

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