What is a Managed IT Services Franchise?

Moving away from break-fix, TeamLogic IT franchisees find success, stability and long-term growth through managed services contracts

When technology breaks down, it’s either fixed or replaced, but one-time tech repair isn’t the best option for any business — and that’s where a managed IT services franchise like TeamLogic IT can find success.


Why? Because “break-fix” work means that a business is dealing with the problem at hand instead of evaluating its entire IT system for flaws. The company also is missing out on potential upgrades and other time-savers. As a managed IT services franchise, TeamLogic IT franchisees work with customers to implement a thorough, scalable solution to any and all technology issues.

Building out from break-fix jobs

The beauty of a managed IT services franchise is that it can turn one-time customers into ongoing business. Like many other franchisees, Stewart and Nancy Paul of Newtown, Pennsylvania, began with a lot of “break-fix” work. As they gained experience and hired more technicians, they began to focus on the stability and long-term value of managed services contracts.

“Every month, they’re an increasing percentage of our business,” Paul says. “We have been able to come in and show our clients the financial benefits of moving in that direction. We first developed a history with those companies and could show them what they were paying us monthly vs. what a contract would cost them. We added to that by showing all the additional services they would get under contract that they did not receive on one-off repair calls.”

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Clients look at those dollar-for-dollar comparisons and see that they can afford the contract based on what they were already spending, and that they would receive much more for the same money, Paul says, adding that he uses his growing base of managed services clients as references for those who are looking to make the change.

Expertise is IT differentiator

Managed IT services help franchisees in multiple ways, not the least of which is by creating a steady, reliable income stream that can only improve with new additions, adds Chuck Lennon, president of TeamLogic IT.

“We focus a lot of our training and networking events on helping franchisees get comfortable with understanding how to sell managed services,” Chuck says. “It’s really very little to do with the technology itself, and everything to do with business operations. Our franchisees know their clients: they know what types of services they provide, and they know how to leverage the technology to make that business run smoother, faster and more productively.”

The TeamLogic IT managed IT services franchisee takes that knowledge to craft a tech-based solution to improve efficiency and productivity. That deepens the partnership between the managed IT franchise and its client, and it provides the basis for an ongoing relationship that benefits everyone involved.

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