Mastermind Owners’ Group Boosts TeamLogic IT Franchise Success

Regular meetings enhance idea-sharing on everything from new market possibilities to latest innovations in hardware and software

Part of being an entrepreneur is an eagerness to compete in the marketplace. That’s definitely true among TeamLogic IT franchise owners, but these men and women also know the value of collaboration and networking.

TeamLogic ITAn excellent case in point is the TeamLogic IT Mastermind Group, two groups of owners in noncompeting markets who teleconference several times a year to brainstorm every aspect of the business. This willingness to share information provides them, and all TeamLogic IT franchise owners, with a serious competitive advantage, says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT.

Everything’s on the table

“By sharing best practices, trends, and new-market data, everyone comes away with new information that enhances their ability to compete in their marketplace,” Chuck says. “When Frank Picarello, TeamLogic IT’s Chief Operating Officer, and I hold these calls, we talk about anything and everything. We definitely talk about sales and managed services, but also every other aspect of the business.”

One recent call focused on best practices for hiring technicians, while another homed in on managing and mentoring the team. That call included topics on everything from bonus programs to employee retention, Chuck says.

Different markets, same issues

“It’s a very dynamic conversation, and the information really helps take these owners to the next level,” Chuck says. “Frank has about a half dozen in his group, and they talk monthly. I have a similar-sized group, and we talk every other month. Everyone learns a lot, and we all come away from these calls with a lot of action items to work on before the next get-together.”

teamlogic statIn addition to the information-sharing aspect, the Mastermind Group also builds a strong sense of camaraderie among owners, Chuck says.

“Many times a TeamLogic IT franchise owner is so busy he or she doesn’t have time to network,” he explains. “Being busy is a good thing, but this allows them to have a direct line of communication not only to us, but to their fellow owners, on a convenient schedule. They are able to stay on top of all the business they have going, but also find out what everyone else is promoting and moving on in their markets. It’s another way that we are able to function successfully as a large network, as well as individual franchise locations around the country.”

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