Meet Murfreesboro, Tennessee, TeamLogic IT Franchise Owner John Salter

As an executive, this medical pro knew what a well-run company looked like, and that’s why TeamLogic IT caught and held his attention


Former IT professional John Salter hit the ground running with his TeamLogic IT franchise in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

As an executive in Nashville’s booming healthcare field, John Salter had it pretty good. As a CIO, he oversaw major technology rollouts for well-respected radiology and diagnostic service providers, including strategy, budgeting, planning, development and growth.

Changes in the industry, however, along with an obvious need for tech services, led him to head out on his own. Solid relationships led to early success, and now he’s growing his TeamLogic IT franchise by leaps and bounds.

Why did you want to change careers?

Most people don’t realize that each medical provider negotiates its own contract with insurance carriers. The bigger ones have more clout. Part of my job was to bring a lot of separate medical groups and offices under my employer’s umbrella, so that we would have more bargaining power. Along the way, I saw that the company really wasn’t built to support all these various entities, and so I realized that as companies were absorbing smaller offices, there was an opportunity to provide more comprehensive IT services. I told my partners that I was going out on my own, and they agreed with my assessment. Now I am marketing to them, to handle their needs.

How did you find out about TeamLogic IT?

I knew I wanted to stay in the tech space, and so I was looking at who was the best option. The more I talked with the team at TeamLogic IT, the more I thought they were the best fit. They have more concern about the success of the individual franchise owner than just about the revenue numbers. I thought they had a solid business model and foundation for me to build from.

What sold you on the business, and what are your early clients like?

I had a prospect call with Drayton Mayers, and he’s a straight shooter. He gave me the comfort level that I needed. He was honest, and that helped me make an informed decision. That kind of owner, one who will tell you the good and the bad, is the real reason why I came on board.

I also knew that it was going to be able to leverage an existing relationship I had with a local pain-management services provider, who signed a managed IT services deal for five locations and 130 computers when I opened, so I hit the ground running. I’m focusing on healthcare, because that’s my background, but I also know that I can target other areas. I have transportation and trucking in my background, and so I plan to work my way into that area.

How have you helped a customer out of a jam, or helped them dramatically improve the way their business functions?

When we took over our initial client’s IT operations, they were in a pretty poor state. We have spent five months with a big domain migration and other work, and now they are in great shape. Before, they had 13 servers, all running virtually on a storage area network, with no good backup system. We now have a virtual backup solution every hour, which moves to the cloud every night. Three days after we finished setting all that up, on a Saturday night, their network crashed. We had them up and running in two hours — nobody knew they were even down.

What personality or values do you think are needed to succeed as a TeamLogic IT owner?

My opinion on that is evolving. I do think that someone with an IT background may not be the best, because we tend to get sucked into the tech stuff! As long as I remember to focus on the sales side, and let my techs run with that area, I’m OK. Being a tech guy is good, but being someone who is more interactive on the phone and with people, is important as well.

How large is the opportunity for your business to grow?

It’s endless. We have the ability to scale up with any clients, and that’s one reason I really like the TeamLogic IT model. I can support a 150-seat client as well as a five-seat client, and tailor the package to meet the needs of each and every customer. I can help them grow while also reducing their IT costs, and we can grow right alongside them.

How do the tools offered by corporate help you market your business and serve your customers?

This is another reason why I went with TeamLogic IT. I could have created a tech solution on my own; I was in that business. But this way I have solutions in place that have been vetted and proven successful. The real value of a TeamLogic IT franchise is the business model. They help you get going with the marketing materials and more, so I don’t have to focus on all that. If I want to do a mass email, I can make that happen really quickly. When you join TeamLogic IT they take care of telemarketing and so much more for your first three months, so instead of spending 20 hours a week on promoting the business, I’m working on the clients I have been able to bring in. As a guy with no marketing background, I can’t stress enough what a relief that was.

How helpful are other franchisees when you have questions? How do you work together?

Drayton was great, but the whole TeamLogic IT franchise setup is a real family environment. I’ve gotten business from Erik Person in Illinois, who has a client with an office near me. They had something going on, so I sent a tech over there who took care of it. That kind of network referral is really great. And I really like the Pacesetters Group, which meets on a call every other week. Those brainstorming sessions about what’s working, and what’s not, have really helped me hone my focus. I also really like the dashboard and tracking for sales activities, which helps me with cold calling and prospect meetings. There are a lot of systems set up to help you, and to hold you accountable, which is very motivating for me.

Is TeamLogic IT helping you meet your personal and professional goals?

My biggest fear was that I really wouldn’t own the business, or I would have someone telling me how to do everything. You buy into a franchise for the model, but with TeamLogic IT it’s all my decision. They let me do what I want to do, while helping me be successful as I put in the work.

Would you recommend a TeamLogic IT franchise to someone else? Why?

I do talk to people and ask them what they want to get into. I encourage them to ask Chuck and his team questions about where the overall company is going to be in 10 years. They will tell you up front about how they are doing, and that was really valuable to me.

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