How Does Ongoing Training Boost TeamLogic IT’s Performance?

Online, by phone and in-person training, throughout the year, is a valuable asset that goes straight to a TeamLogic IT franchise’s bottom line

One of the major benefits of opening a TeamLogic IT franchise is that you don’t have to be a tech whiz. Many of the most successful owners never went near IT before starting their business, but they knew enough to surround themselves with competent technicians — and to take advantage of the myriad training and educational opportunities afforded them by TeamLogic IT’s corporate team.

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“We do a variety of training, from national seminars down to regional meetings and one-off’s with franchise owners and their employees,” says Chuck Lennon, president. “And that’s live training. We also have our TeamLogic IT University for new owners, which is a week of classes and seminars. We do a lot of work at our annual owner’s meeting, and then we schedule regional events whenever we’re traveling to meet with franchisees. I recently was with our New England owners for a day, but sometimes those can run for two or three days, depending on what we’re looking to cover.”

Training customized to suit any need

Because TeamLogic IT’s training covers every angle of owning and running a managed IT service business, it’s well worth owners’ time to get involved. And because it can be customized to target specific needs, it’s even more valuable, Chuck notes.

“It’s about support as much as it is about learning,” he explains. “Especially at the beginning of building the business. We want to address any issues our franchisees are having, but we also want to head off any problems they might run into by showing them how others have dealt with specific issues, whether that’s marketing, bookkeeping or employee retention.”

As a nationwide concern, TeamLogic IT invests in online training as well as its live meetings. Call-in trainings are scheduled so that owners can tap into the programming from the office or home if they are unable to attend a live session.


“We work very hard to make sure that we’re following trends, as well,” Chuck adds. “We just did a webinar on business acquisition, because a lot of our franchisees are finding themselves in a position to absorb a smaller, ‘mom and pop’ IT repair shop and take over its staff and customers. We talked about all the steps, from negotiating to buy that business to rolling its pieces into their own operation. We had a great turnout and have heard from a lot of people who want to know more.”

Training attendance boosts bottom line

Another incentive for TeamLogic IT franchise owners to jump on the training calls, webinars and meetings is the direct correlation to their bottom line.

“Those franchises that are the most active and participatory tend to be the franchises that grow their revenue at a much higher rate than those who don’t make the time,” Chuck says. “We also recommend that those who have come through our TeamLogic IT University send their key employees to that training. This lets those new general managers or other leaders build relationships with the management and support team at corporate, so we think that nothing but good comes from sending those key people to us so that they can be brought up to speed on all things TeamLogic IT quickly and efficiently through that immersion training.”

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