Owners’ Groups Boost TeamLogic IT Franchise Networking Capabilities

Regular meetings serve as clearinghouses for market trends, new devices, niche opportunities and other vital business intelligence

Managed IT services

Owners’ groups help TeamLogic IT franchise operations to learn from and support each other.

Say, “How’s your network?” to a TeamLogic IT franchise owner, and he or she may need a little more information. From providing the physical connections that clients need to making presentations at local events, he or she likely sees “network” as meaning many things, all of which are opportunities to grow the business.

That’s certainly true of the TeamLogic IT franchise owners’ groups, where an entire region of entrepreneurs come together to share information about what’s going on in their territories, hear about new technology that’s coming down the pike, give each other tips on how to convert one-time clients into managed services contracts, share ideas on hiring practices, and much more.

Connections help all locations grow

“We have two groups now: the Northeast Owners Groups and the BATL, or Bay Area TeamLogic, group,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “The Northeast one began as just six or seven owners, and now it runs up and down the Atlantic seaboard from Maryland to Boston. And in San Francisco, we’ve looped in owners from Portland down, and Southern California on up. We’ve even brought in people from Dallas and Phoenix.”


Although TeamLogic IT has an annual meeting for owners, as well as continuous in-person and online training events, the owners’ groups provide an additional way to find, and measure, success, Chuck says.

“The dynamic here is very powerful, and we’re big fans of our owners talking to each other as much as possible,” he explains. “Some franchisors don’t encourage that, as they feel it could lead to the owners ‘ganging up’ on them. But we think collaboration — any time, anywhere — makes sense, and so we want them to get together whenever they can.”

Solid relationships build national strength

In addition to the information shared when everyone’s all together, the relationships built at these and other TeamLogic IT franchise meetings helps owners when they need it most. On any given day, that can be anything from a call between two techs to figure out a mainframe configuration problem to solving basic manpower issues.

“Having TeamLogic IT heavily represented in an area is undeniably good from a branding and marketing standpoint, but from an operational standpoint it means that no one is an island,” Chuck says. “If you have an employee who’s got to be away for an extended period, you can call another franchise owner and get some help. We are finding more and better ways all the time to share resources, and that is real power.”

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