Owning a TeamLogic IT Franchise is a Wise Choice in a Post-Pandemic Economy

As life slowly returns to normal, small business owners will only continue to increase their reliance on IT

There’s good news – finally. Since March, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything about our way of life, and now, at long last, the American economy is getting going again. 

For entrepreneurs looking to invest in an IT business, there are several reasons why the reopening of the American economy is tremendous news. In this new, post-pandemic age, small and medium-sized businesses are going to increase their reliance on technology.

As one state after another expires their lock-downs on non-essential businesses, some of the changes that we have made to prevent the virus from spreading will stay with us for the foreseeable future. Nowhere is this more evident than in small and medium-sized businesses who had to transition quickly, and make significant changes to their infrastructure, to allow their employees to work remotely. The savings provided by not having to rent an office, coupled with the fact that safety is a top priority means that working remotely will continue to increase.technology franchise

TeamLogic IT is the brand that small and medium-sized businesses rely on for their IT needs. As one of the leading brands in the rapidly growing Managed IT Services segment, TeamLogic IT stands out by delivering a comprehensive, consultative approach to IT solutions that eliminate downtime, help improve efficiency and profitability, as well provide security against cyber attacks. In these uncertain times, having a partner that is there 24/7 to provide assistance in a customer-friendly way, is something that small business owners are going to need.

For Todd Harrell, owner of a TeamLogic IT franchise in Central New Jersey, these last few months have been some of the busiest he’s ever had.

“Our phone has been ringing off the hook,” Harrell says. “These last few weeks, we’ve been extremely busy. Our clients have had to react quickly to working from home, and all of the end users have needed help. We help them make the transition in a secure way, and we’re helping them to continue to operate smoothly and effectively.”

One other extremely important reason why TeamLogic IT technology franchise is a wise choice in a post-pandemic economy is the fact that as a provider of an essential service, we are able to stay open and flourish at a time when many Americans are tightening their belts. 

“We’re lucky,” says Ryan Mann, owner of a TeamLogic IT Franchise in Mountainview, California. “We’ve been busier than usual, in fact, we’ve had more support tickets in the last couple of weeks than we’ve had in the history of our company. We’ve been well-positioned through this crisis – we can do everything remotely, and we can still provide the support that our customers expect.”

The final reason why TeamLogic IT is such a compelling opportunity is a post-pandemic economy is the simple fact that as a part of a franchise, you’re not in business alone. Our corporate team and franchise owners work together to help each other thrive in business, overcome obstacles and share vitally important information.

“We never have to figure out anything from scratch,” Mann says. “During this Covid-19 pandemic, all of the TeamLogic IT franchise owners are sharing resources, information and helping ensure everyone gets their questions answered.If you have a question or a problem, chances are, another franchise owner has run into the same problem and has a solution. This community relies on each other, and that’s the best part about it.”

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