If You Are Ready to Start a Technology Franchise, We Have Good News

The Wall Street Journal reports that business lending is up significantly, which is great news for TeamLogic IT technology franchise owners

Our annual convention gives TeamLogic IT franchise owners a chance to meet each other, share strategies, and keep their skills sharp.

Our annual convention gives TeamLogic IT franchise owners a chance to meet each other, share strategies, and keep their skills sharp.

Now is a great time to start a B2B technology business, and The Wall Street Journal recently explained why. “Banks are boosting their lending to businesses, providing fuel for companies to increase spending on workers and equipment as the economy improves,” the newspaper reports.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the six largest U.S. commercial banks saw an 8.3% increase in commercial lending in the first quarter of 2014 compared with a year ago. “The results suggest companies are getting more confident about the economy after years of sluggish growth,” the newspaper writes.

The new data dovetails nicely with a report released in April by IT research firm IDC, which projects business technology spending to hit $330.7 billion by 2017 — an annual spending increase of nearly $100 billion from 2012.

What do all these numbers mean for a TeamLogic IT technology franchise? Growth potential.

Technology franchise is growing

TeamLogic IT saw its systemwide revenue grow 40.4% in 2013 — our third consecutive year of 40% growth or better — and our market niche still is largely untapped. Small and medium-sized businesses rely on technology to serve their customers, and nearly all of them rely on outsourced IT providers. Unfortunately, most of the time, the help they receive is inadequate and reactive — the IT guy only shows up when something is broken and the business is already suffering from the failure.

We take a different approach. TeamLogic IT offers managed IT services that are designed to spot and address problems before they affect our customers. We sign contracts to serve as an outsourced IT department for our customers, and provide security and backup solutions, system monitoring, help desk service and disaster recovery. We also consult with business owners — taking the time to learn about their companies so we can offer ideas about technologies that can make their businesses more efficient and profitable.

A great time to join a top-rated technology franchise

Businesses love our approach, but a lot of customers aren’t yet aware that they can receive our kind of service. That’s because there are only 50 TeamLogic IT franchises in the United States at the moment. But the demand is massive, so we are eager to partner with entrepreneurs who are interested in technology and want to help other businesses in their community.

You can read stories from TeamLogic IT franchise owners and customers on our blog.

The increase in business lending means that more B2B customers are ready to grow, and IDC’s report indicates that technology investment is a key part of their growth strategy. The improved lending environment also means that financing has improved for potential TeamLogic IT franchisees.

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