What is the ROI on a TeamLogic IT Franchise?

Numbers tell a good story, and existing owners tell an even better one when it comes to making money with a TeamLogic IT franchise

Chuck Lennon loves nothing more than meeting potential TeamLogic IT franchisees, because he knows he’s got a solid story to tell. And he knows how to get the message across.


“I’d love to tell people that they could make million dollars, but I can’t make those kind of promises,” says Chuck, who is TeamLogic IT’s president. “There are very strict regulations around earnings claims, as there should be. What I can do is point to our Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD, and then steer people to Item 19. That’s where the owners report on their sales and revenue numbers, as well as their bottom-line expectations.”

Facts, figures and teamwork build success

Every year, the TeamLogic IT corporate team works with every franchisee when it comes to those numbers. By analyzing profit-and-loss, or P&L, statements, weaknesses can be identified for improvements and strong areas can be targeted for even more growth.

“We roll all that up so that TeamLogic IT franchise owners can report accurately, but also so we know where we can be of assistance,” Chuck says. “We don’t just want to help them with areas that may not be performing as well as they might, but also to keep their strong assets improving.”

Franchise owners eager to offer input

Perhaps the largest arrow in Chuck’s quiver is the ability to turn loose would-be entrepreneurs on the TeamLogic IT franchise owners themselves.

“Our owners are very open, and very kind, when it comes to talking to those who might want to open an managed IT services franchise,” Chuck says. “They will get on the phone with them and tell them anything and everything. Working hours, employee issues, start-up costs, finding real estate … there’s a lot more than just a P&L statement, or an Item 19, and our people know that. They are very, very generous about sharing their hard-earned experience so that others may succeed, as well.”

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In the end, he says, the potential franchise owner gets a well-rounded snapshot of what his or her ROI would look like after opening a TeamLogic IT franchise, and it’s a very compelling argument.

“People want to understand the financials, and they want to know what kind of money they can make,” Chuck points out. “Between our corporate team and our franchise owners, they are able to do that. And once they do, we usually move forward because they really like what they’ve heard.”

Learn more about starting a TeamLogic IT business services franchise

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