How SystemWatch IT Boosts TeamLogic IT Franchise’s Managed IT Services Capabilities

Proactive monitoring system allows for problems to be caught earlier, and often prevented, leading to tremendous client loyalty

Being able to fix an IT problem quickly and efficiently is the hallmark of every TeamLogic IT franchise. Being able to prevent problems? Yes, that too, thanks to SystemWatch IT, a proprietary monitoring system that gives TeamLogic IT a serious leg up on the competition.

“When we debuted SystemWatch IT, it was a game changer,” says Chuck Lennon, President. “It is revolutionary in the way it allows our franchises to provide technical support to our customers. When I say there’s really nothing else like it out there, I’m not exaggerating. It is one of the many unique selling points that every TeamLogic IT franchise has to offer to both new and existing clients — all of whom love it.”

Robust array of protections

SystemWatch IT is a monitoring system embedded within a client’s IT system as part of a TeamLogic IT franchise’s managed IT services contract with that business. It runs in the background 24/7, keeping an eye on all operations, alerting TeamLogic IT techs if something malfunctions, and, more importantly, providing information on operations that can help prevent future issues.

“It allows us to not only provide the technical support that the client has contracted with us for, but it also lets us be more robust in our customer support,” Chuck says. “If a piece of their total IT package is becoming outdated, for example, SystemWatch IT will let our techs know that the overall system is having trouble with this one component. Then we can suggest changes and upgrades so that their business operations continue to run smoothly. Clients love nothing better than being proactive around their IT needs, and we make that happen.”


Advances and upgrades continue

To ensure that SystemWatch IT keeps up with the nonstop advances in both hardware and software, as well as cloud-based services, new aspects are continually being tested and integrated into the platform.

“The more proactive we are with our own product, the more proactive SystemWatch IT can be for our clients,” Chuck says. “They know how much it is helping them when they see all the problems that could have happened, but were avoided, when our TeamLogic IT franchise owners and techs show them reports. They are hugely impressed, and this is one of the many reasons we have such a high customer retention rate.”

TeamLogic IT is a top-rated technology franchise that solves a major headache for small and medium-sized businesses by offering managed IT services solutions that turn technology into an ally rather than an obstacle for clients. We are a fast-growing business with franchise owners who become trusted business partners because they meet the need for rock-solid IT solutions that prevent downtime and provide security for critical data, while also offering solutions to keep clients’ businesses growing.

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