TeamLogic IT Finishes 2014 Strong, Gears up for Equally Solid 2015

As businesses look to replace and upgrade IT systems, managed service providers such as TeamLogic IT reap the benefits of customer loyalty

Lenders are starting to ease up on loan restrictions, and many businesses are stepping up to repair, replace and upgrade aging IT systems. Couple that with strong fourth-quarter and first-quarter corporate spending, and small wonder there are now more TeamLogic IT franchise owners than ever.


“We are seeing phenomenal momentum in terms of both new franchise sales and existing franchisees stepping up their ongoing growth and development,” says Chuck Lennon, president of TeamLogic IT. “We recorded record-breaking sales in October 2014, November was the same and December is always a fantastic month for us, as is January.”

Annual budgets hit early, late on the calendar

The first and last quarters are solid for TeamLogic IT franchises because companies are looking to use up budgeted funds for the current year by Dec. 31, or they are eager to spend newly allocated dollars as soon after Jan. 1 as is feasible. Because of TeamLogic IT’s multiple platforms, a franchisee can come in for major repairs, estimates for renovations and upgrades, or a longer-term, managed services contract.

“People also are looking to get going on projects they have procrastinated on, so we may be looking at an existing customer with an entirely new project, or someone who’s interested in what TeamLogic IT can provide all across their IT needs,” Chuck says. “Because we do so much more than break-fix, we have a real opportunity to grab a lot of this business. And because TeamLogic IT franchise owners are so adept at customer service, we’re the first call that many businesses make when they have dollars to spend.”

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More of the same, only better

Given TeamLogic IT’s momentum, it would be understandable if everyone just kicked back for a bit and rested on their laurels. Understandable, but unlikely. Look instead for TeamLogic IT’s corporate team to ramp up efforts across every conceivable platform to help franchisees succeed.

“We see 2015 as being a continuation of the amazing second half of 2014 that we have seen,” Chuck says. “We don’t have anything that’s broken and in need of fixing; rather, we’ve got a great train running down a very good track, and so we’re focusing on how to fuel it further to make it go faster. Our ongoing goal is, ‘more of the same, only with greater results.’ We are in the envious position of having all our systems working well. Whether it’s sales and marketing or franchise support, we’re in great shape and are looking forward to an amazing 2015.”

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