How TeamLogic IT Franchise Became Silicon Valley’s Managed IT Provider

In the most tech-savvy place on Earth, TeamLogic IT rules. Why?

Jon Simms of TeamLogic IT of Mountain View gives a presentation about business phone systems.

Jon Simms of TeamLogic IT of Mountain View gives a presentation about business phone systems.

When there’s a news story about a new app, type of smartphone or web provider, the dateline is usually Silicon Valley. So, what are the chances of success for a TeamLogic IT franchise in the middle of all this tech know-how? Pretty good, it turns out.

Several TeamLogic IT franchise owners in the Silicon Valley area report that their ability to solve — and even anticipate — problems, to provide consistent support and to recommend upgrades and enhancements makes them a valued partner to many of the smartest tech shops and their supporting business suppliers.

Supporting the supporters of high-tech enterprises

“Even though they work in technology, they don’t want to spend their time maintaining their systems,” says Jon Simms, who along with his wife, Adrienne Wong, owns the TeamLogic IT franchises in Mountain View and Sunnyvale, California. “There’s a rich concentration of businesses in our area. That, along with a tech-savvy culture, means that there is plenty of competition. But we’re getting a steady drip, drip, drip in from our prospects, and we are there when they want to make a change or if they want to talk about our services.”

“TeamLogic IT does a really good job with supporting us with strong and meaningful marketing programs,” adds Adrienne. “We get coaching in every aspect of the business and best-in-class tools to use for running our business efficiently. That gives us even more time to get out and work with existing clients, as well as meet new ones.”

Steve and Nicki Hinch receive an award at the 2013 TeamLogic IT convention.

Steve and Nicki Hinch receive an award at the 2013 TeamLogic IT convention.

“I succeed because not everybody is not tech savvy in my area,” says Steve Hinch, who owns two TeamLogic IT franchises in Santa Rosa, California. “We do have some high-tech developers around, but even they need our help. Often they attempt to operate their own systems, and it doesn’t work out too well.”

Standing ready to support any and all types of businesses lets his TeamLogic IT franchise stand above the competition, Steve says, pointing out that, “Many of these tech-related companies depend on their computer systems, and they need someone they can count on. We got a call today from an executive recruiter who’d lost their entire email system. One of our guys had things cleaned up completely in the space of two hours. That matters to people, whether they are software engineers or the people who support them.”

Allowing tech companies to focus on core strengths

TeamLogic IT’s managed services capabilities also allow for Silicon Valley’s high-tech businesses to do what they want to do, rather than spending time tinkering with servers, networks and the like.

“We get to know their environment very well, and we look at what’s going on with them every day,” Jon Simms explains. “That’s better for us, because it’s much more efficient than just doing ‘break-fix’ work. And our customers value that, because they don’t want to be spending money on that kind of one-time issue. They also want to spend their time working on the things that drive their business.”

“Nobody wants to be paying an engineer six figures and having him spending time working on a broken computer,” Steve Hinch says. “They want people doing that who are specialized in that type of work. That way, these companies are paying us for what we do well, rather than paying that engineer to do it, when his time would be much better spent elsewhere.”

Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson

“It can be amazing that so many people work in high tech and computer programming, but it’s almost like they don’t know the first thing about computers,” adds Dave Thompson, who owns the TeamLogic IT franchise in San Ramon. “It’s almost like, ‘I saved a file, but I can’t find it.’ That’s not a huge part of our success, but we have benefited from people jumping in too quickly to try to figure out something on their own, and then having problems.”

However, he adds, those same very smart people know they have a core business to run, and IT service is not something they want or need to spend their own time on — day in and day out.

“They utilize IT to do their work, but it’s not what they do,” Dave explains. “They realize that having their CFO, their sales director, their developers or even their shipping clerks be their IT people isn’t a good solution. At the same time, they are using more and more technology. That is where we can help them. Whether it’s combining parts and pieces, adding new equipment to the data trunk or setting up cloud services and getting those integrated with the applications they are using — they know we can do that. These things take time, and they want to have someone else coming in who can make it happen without tapping into their resources.”

“It becomes a partnership, which is a win-win for everyone,” Adrienne Wong adds, as she and Jon Simms pointed out their large volume of referral business to make the point. “We really know them, and they know they can depend on us. That kind of support is excellent for everyone because it’s seamless.”

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