How TeamLogic IT Franchise Blog Earns Trust and Customers for Franchisees

Technology franchise blog shares expertise with potential business customers

TL. ITinflections

When the Heartbleed Bug became front-page news in April, it triggered a tidal wave of concerns for business owners and others who wanted to know how they could protect their data and passwords. TeamLogic IT provided answers. While our franchisees let their customers know how they could protect themselves, many more potential customers turned to the TeamLogic  IT franchise blog — — to learn about the bug.

In the process, they learned about nearby franchisees and had a chance to subscribe to our blog, which provides updated technology news that is important to small and medium-sized businesses. The blog is an important marketing vehicle for TeamLogic IT franchise owners because it provides a steady stream of content that establishes TeamLogic IT’s expertise and ultimately helps them win new customers.

Take a look at See the “find a location” button in the upper right? When a customer picks a nearby location, that space is replaced with contact information for our franchisee. From that moment forward, the blog is an online advertising vehicle for their business.

Why does blogging matter for a technology franchise?

Blogging establishes credibility among potential customers, which is especially important for a B2B service business. But busy IT franchise owners don’t usually have time to sit down and write about the latest trends, tools and threats in the IT world. We remove that burden. Our marketing team produces the blog on behalf of franchisees and also can feed the content to their social media sites to further drive engagement with customers. That way, when our franchisees go out into the community for networking events or sit-downs with other business owners, they can refer prospective clients to the blog. In essence, the blog and social media posts extend the conversation with potential clients, increasing the likelihood that they will hire TeamLogic IT to provide IT solutions for their businesses.

Content marketing is just part of TeamLogic IT franchise’s marketing toolkit

TeamLogic IT has an extensive marketing toolkit to help franchisees reach and educate potential customers. Click here to learn more about how TeamLogic IT franchise owners get customers. While you’re at there, check out the rest of our research pages to learn more about our business model, the growing need for IT services and interesting facts about the business. You can also visit our franchise opportunities blog to read Q&As with TeamLogic IT franchise owners and customers.

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