TeamLogic IT Franchise Continues Growth in New and Existing Markets

A solid model that combines managed IT services with sales and service has led to nationwide expansion in even the most competitive IT markets

TeamLogic IT franchise locations are now in 36 states, 12 of which we entered within the past year. When you couple those new markets with our expansion in areas where we already had a solid presence, it’s easy to see why TeamLogic IT is generating excitement among current and potential owners.

“We are in the enviable position of pushing our boundaries in every direction, and doing so successfully,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “We are getting inquiries from, and holding discovery days for, people in cities that weren’t even on our radar 12 months ago, and from states that we hadn’t planned on targeting for another year or so. Our name has gotten out ahead of us in a very good way.”

Visible success draws interest

For areas where a TeamLogic IT franchise or franchises exist, much of the interest is generated by the success of those businesses. When an entrepreneur who’s looking to launch a business sees a company growing rapidly in the market, that sparks an inquiry that often leads to a discovery day and a new franchise signing.

“We recently met with someone who’d seen our franchise in the Atlanta market, which is fairly new but doing very well,” Chuck explains. “We’re building a presence there, and I think we’ll see more interest. That is a city that is still growing in every direction, and so there’s a lot of need for IT repair, sales and managed IT services.”


New territories keep expansion going

At the same time, many requests for information are coming from areas where there’s no TeamLogic IT franchise as of yet, but where a sharp business person is looking to meet a territory’s unmet needs.

“We recently were speaking with a gentleman from a large, urban area in Florida that would be an entirely new market for us,” Chuck says. “And this was someone who came to us because he has an IT background, wants to set up a business and wants the security that a franchise operation can give him versus going it all alone. He wants exactly what TeamLogic IT offers, and it was a very exciting conversation.”

By aggressively courting potential TeamLogic IT franchise owners in entirely new cities and states, while also pursuing infill opportunities where existing franchises wouldn’t be squeezed by a new franchise owner, TeamLogic IT is ensuring that it has the best of both worlds.”

“We are very careful to look closely at any market, whether we’re in it or not, before we add a new franchise,” Chuck says. “We don’t want to cram another owner beside a solid franchise and see it lose business. We make sure that when we open a new TeamLogic IT franchise, whether it’s the third one in a large metro area or the first one in a state, that there’s more than enough potential business to support its success right away.”

TeamLogic IT is a top-rated technology franchise that solves a major headache for small and medium-sized businesses by offering managed IT services solutions that turn technology into an ally rather than an obstacle for clients. We are a fast-growing business with franchisees who meet a universal need among today’s businesses: the need for rock-solid IT solutions that prevent downtime and provide security for critical data.

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