TeamLogic IT Franchise to Open 5 New Philadelphia Locations

A multi-year rollout means that TeamLogic IT owners Stewart and Nancy Paul have the Philly area covered for years to come

When Stewart and Nancy Paul opened their TeamLogic IT franchise in 2011, they knew they’d have to work hard. After seeing the results — several years of double-digit growth — they have embarked on a plan to open five more franchises in the next five years.

“I had operated a consulting business and had sold that in order to retire,” says Stewart Paul from his Newtown franchise in Bucks County, just outside Philadelphia. “But I still wanted to work, so Nancy and I reviewed a number of different franchise opportunities. After meeting with Chuck and Sally Lennon, we decided to move forward.”

The Pauls were impressed with the information they got from existing TeamLogic IT owners, as well as the franchisor’s corporate ownership. “I felt they would have staying power,” Stewart explained. Since opening, the Pauls have been in the top 5 TeamLogic IT franchise revenue producers, doubling annual sales in 2012 and 2013, and posting the same high numbers for 2014 to date.

Five-year plan grows coverage area

After two years building the business, the Pauls knew they wanted another TeamLogic IT franchise. Given the growth rate in and around Philadelphia, they knew that territories wouldn’t be available forever, so they set out to develop a growth plan that ensured sustainable expansion.

“We were looking at one or two more locations, but not as many as five at first,” Stewart says. “But then we looked at how the metro Philadelphia area is the largest commercial area within any reasonable distance to us, and we decided we wanted all the territories between where we are in Bucks County and the city itself.”

The new locations will open beginning this year and through 2018, if all goes according to plan. An already-planned Warminster Township TeamLogic IT opened in November 2014, and it will be followed by Cheltenham Township, Abingdon Township, Huntingdon Valley and then finally northeast Philadelphia.

TeamLogic IT franchise setup inspires confidence

It’s an ambitious plan, but one the Pauls are comfortable with.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” Stewart says. “But you also have to have confidence in the leadership, and we definitely do. It’s that combination that is behind this long-term investment. It’s also fantastic how the franchisees interact, with multiple opportunities throughout the year to network and learn from each other.”

The Pauls’ success is just one example of how smart entrepreneurs are finding value in the exploding managed IT services industry, where the TeamLogic IT brand has been growing by more than 40 percent system-wide during each of the past three years, says Chuck Lennon, president.

“Stewart and Nancy’s long-term commitment to the TeamLogic IT brand speaks volumes about the opportunity for growth in the managed IT services industry and our franchise network,” Chuck says. “They are intelligent business operators who represent our brand well and are an inspiration to other franchisees. It’s reassuring to know that their business expansion goals are due to their optimism about the industry, appreciation of our franchise systems and support, and confidence that TeamLogic IT is the answer to achieving their vision of entrepreneurial success.”

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