TeamLogic IT Franchise’s 90-Day Initial Marketing Program Boosts Franchise Success

Multimedia effort provides new franchise owners with all the tools they need to market and network effectively in crucial early days

No matter how solid a business’ services may be, if clients don’t know about them, nothing’s going to happen. That’s why every new TeamLogic IT franchise gets set up with a solid marketing plan and collateral in its early days — and then receives ongoing materials and support to keep that community awareness going.

“Our method for marketing is to take an integrated approach,” explains Denise Denton, Assistant Vice President of Marketing Communications. “We tell all our franchise owners that no one media wins the day, because there are so many channels out there now. They have to be invested in a little bit of everything.”


Multi-touch approach pays off early

That cross-platform methodology is particularly key to new TeamLogic IT franchise owners, who are rolled into the Initial Marketing Program.

“What we do for them is invest heavily in outreach that will build a strong, consistent brand for them in the market,” Denise explains. “We do direct mail and email, because we know both those platforms work very well separately and together. We get those going out right away, because it builds awareness for the new franchise owner and gets customer inquiries coming in immediately.”

Other elements of the program include a targeted Google AdWords buy, because having paid search marketing and a web presence is essential.

“We have that pay-per-click advertising online, and then we also get every TeamLogic IT franchise into online directories,” she says. “That helps raise their visibility in searches in an organic way.”

Print materials round out the effort

As the mail and online pieces are generated, print collateral is produced for the new owners. That includes letterhead, envelopes, business cards, two-pocket folders and other leave-behind pieces outlining TeamLogic IT’s managed IT services and other offerings.

“From the start, they have the materials to get them going,” Denise says. “Many of our owners do not have any marketing or sales history, so we work with them on the fundamentals. Having an email and online campaign, as well as well-designed, professionally printed materials, gives them a strong advantage when they are getting started. And as their business grows, we continue training so that every TeamLogic IT franchise owner knows how to think like a marketer.”

TeamLogic IT is a top-rated technology franchise that solves a major headache for small and medium-sized businesses by offering managed IT services solutions that turn technology into an ally rather than an obstacle for clients. We are a fast-growing business with franchise owners who become trusted business partners because they meet the need for rock-solid IT solutions that prevent downtime and provide security for critical data, while also offering solutions to keep clients’ businesses growing.

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