How TeamLogic IT Franchises Achieve Horizontal and Vertical Business Growth

From repair and managed IT services to consulting and sales, the ability to meet different client needs is a key benefit of the TeamLogic IT franchise model

Many TeamLogic IT franchise owners start out with one or two clients who need repairs fast. That kind of ‘break-fix’ work is terrific for short-term revenue, not to mention client loyalty and solid word of mouth, but it’s only one part of the multifaceted business model that sets up TeamLogic IT for success all across the IT services spectrum.

TeamLogic IT franchise owners know the value of consulting when it comes to growing their business.

TeamLogic IT franchise owners know the value of consulting when it comes to growing their business.

“When someone has a server that’s crashed or a backup system that’s no longer meeting their needs, then we can get in the door and prove our value right away,” says Chuck Lennon, president. “But TeamLogic IT is set up in such a way that, once we meet that client, there’s a whole array of other ways we can serve and support their business.”

Managed IT services build loyalty

One major differentiator is TeamLogic IT’s long-term care approach. After a repair is made, or even before one is needed, a tech or franchise owner can meet with a current or potential client and discuss other IT-related business needs. Ideally, that collaboration is formalized in a managed IT services contract, which makes the TeamLogic IT franchise a valued business partner as the company expands.

That means that TeamLogic IT is in the door for needs as diverse as configuring and networking new PCs, all the way to replacing servers and installing new software. This allows the franchise owner to scale his or her business in several ways, from multiple services to one client, to offering a set roster of standalone services, such as new-product installs, to new and potential clients.

“We come in to consult on everything from cloud-based backup to new desktop PCs,” Chuck explains. “So we’re at the table when that company is planning its new operations, and so we grow right along with them. Offering that kind of support is also excellent marketing for us, because the client’s business partners often want to know who their IT services provider is. We make a lot of new contacts that way.”

Equipment sales add value


TeamLogic IT franchise owners often are asked to make equipment recommendations, and usually can provide that hardware and software to the client as well. This ability to “close the loop” on service, support and upgrades means that TeamLogic IT can be a turnkey provider for its clients, much different than the ‘break-fix’ competition.

“We do it all, and nobody else can offer that,” Chuck says. “We are happy to come out and fix a problem, but we can do so much more. Through consultation, we make sure our expertise is known, and more often than not that means heavier client engagement right away. Then we become a trusted partner, and can take a proactive stance to IT service and support that the clients very much appreciate, because it helps them meet their business objectives that much easier.”

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