TeamLogic IT Helps Franchisees Scale Their Business for Growth

Having the right staff, in size and scope, is a cornerstone of small-business success. TeamLogic IT teaches franchise owners the ropes.

One of the most difficult things for entrepreneurs who launch their own businesses is figuring out staffing needs. That’s why every TeamLogic IT franchise owner gets intensive training early on in every aspect of hiring. Learning whom to hire and when to bring that person on board are key parts of new-franchisee onboarding, says Chuck Lennon, president of TeamLogic IT.

“When we have our owners’ conference, as well as our ongoing calls and webinars, we talk a lot about proactive staffing management,” Chuck says. “The issues of knowing where the business is going, and being able to staff appropriately for that growth — or that slow period — are essential to success.”

Thorough approach yields dividends

First and foremost, deliberation is key. Studying the business plan in terms of current client work and future momentum plays a big role in staffing. TeamLogic IT franchise owners often need some outside perspective, and they get it.

“It’s taking longer for our franchises to hire techs than it has in the past, and that’s because we have really been working with them on good hiring versus quick hiring,” Chuck says. “We want to make sure the new folks understand the level of technician they need to grow the business, and also that they don’t over-hire. We make sure they talk to owners who have been around a while, because they can talk about very specific pitfalls.”

In the early days, those issues can include everything from bringing too many people on board at once to being too slow to recognize a steady growth — and ending up shorthanded when a lot of work comes in at once.


Proper levels prevent problems

“First of all, every TeamLogic IT franchise owner needs to have an understanding of the level of technician they need to grow the business, especially in terms of managed IT services,” Chuck explains. “We work with them a lot on that, because we want to make sure they’re not bringing in someone who’s entry-level when every proposal they have is for far more complex work. They need to align the work they are bringing in with the current in-house talent. If you have all entry-level techs and your business is larger firms with complex needs, that’s a problem. It’s the same if the techs are all advanced, and the work is simple break-fix jobs. They have to match up.”

The number of technicians can also be difficult to pin down, especially early on, he adds.

“If someone is growing quickly and they’ve only hired one person and not kept a file of potential techs on hand, they’re going to have trouble,” Chuck says. “Hiring is a never-ending process; if you hired one out of two or three good candidates, keep the resumes of the ones you didn’t hire so you can reach out the next time you staff up.”

Having embedded support from day one lessens some of the stress around this issue, which is why TeamLogic IT owners are able to staff successfully and retain qualified, reliable techs for the long haul.

TeamLogic IT is a top-rated technology franchise that solves a major headache for small and medium-sized businesses by offering managed IT services solutions that turn technology into an ally rather than an obstacle for clients. We are a fast-growing business with franchisees who meet a universal need among today’s businesses: the need for rock-solid IT solutions that prevent downtime and provide security for critical data.

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