TeamLogic IT Doesn’t Sell “One Size Fits All” Tech Solutions

No ‘from the box to the shelf’ mentality means TeamLogic IT can back up its customized solutions with tailored support and upgrades

When a new iMac rolls off the assembly line, it’s just like the ones that came before it and those that will follow. Once it’s in the consumer’s hands, however, it becomes a unique machine — and that’s why TeamLogic IT franchise owners don’t just provide “one size fits all” tech solutions.

“Everything we do meets a client need, so there’s no TeamLogic IT template to speak of when it comes to managed services,” explains President Chuck Lennon. “We always tell our franchise owners to never, never think of what they have as a box, and that they need to find somebody who’ll buy that box. Our job is to customize that box to ensure that the solution we’re providing it in aligns with what the customer’s needs are.”


A solution … and then some

What’s more, Chuck adds, that customer should never feel as though they’re only getting a single solution to a specific problem. In fact, they’ve signed on for much, much more.

“When we first begin working with someone there likely will be a single focus, or a major issue to be resolved,” he says. “But we’re going to continue customizing that solution so that other problems are solved, and other processes that business has are streamlined and made more efficient. We identify what their needs are, what their technology platforms look like, their dependency on technology and the budget they have for IT. After taking all that into consideration, we give them exactly what they want, need and can afford, through managed services. We do that process very, very well.”

Managed care for permanent solutions

The end result is a client whose immediate needs are met not just by the TeamLogic IT team on the ground providing help, but by all the TeamLogic IT franchise owners and techs around the country.

“Owners can create a visual for customers that involves a big, long desk behind them that is covered with tested, vetted solutions for any and all hardware and software issues,” Chuck says. “These sound, effective solutions can be mixed and matched to suit that customer’s needs. From the products to the technical know-how, we have that deep bench of support. Our competitors do not.”

TeamLogic IT franchise

Managed IT Services means that TeamLogic IT franchises can customize solutions to meet individual clients’ unique needs.

The relationship continues to evolve from there in large part because of this customized approach. It builds trust.

“We know what questions to ask and how to leverage technology in a way that helps that business. Whether it’s hardware, software, cloud, backup, mobility, even HIPAA compliance, we can be as global or as granular as needed with the solutions we bring,” Chuck says. “Once a business has experienced that, they want us around even if they’re just reviewing a manual for their security system. Our customized approach yields results in repeat engagement and long-term client retention.”

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