TeamLogic IT Enters Multiple New States, Markets in 2015

Franchise opportunities are judged by where, and how, they are growing, and TeamLogic IT gets solid reviews for its expansion strategy

Being able to to capitalize on growth is a hallmark of the TeamLogic IT franchise concept. Whether it’s adding new territories in already-busy major metro areas, planting its flag in a new city or state or connecting owners across a region or even the country to share ideas, TeamLogic IT knows how to leverage its scale.

Need an example? Look at new-market growth in 2015: TeamLogic IT franchise locations in Maryland, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Indiana, Wisconsin and North Carolina. Franchises have also come online in Washington D.C. and New York City.

“We are in more than 30 states now, and our growth continues to rise every year,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “We closed out 2015 in a very solid way, and we have drawn our map of new territories in both our existing markets and in whole new cities and states for 2016.”


TeamLogic IT owners network constantly, which supports expansion efforts in new and existing markets.

Market research leads to solid opportunities

At the same time, TeamLogic IT also works to fill in areas where a franchise operator might be in place but has indicated that there is plenty of opportunity for a fellow TeamLogic IT franchise to open its doors.

“Sometimes our franchise owners do the research for us,” Chuck explains. “They know how hard they are working their territory, and they are getting inquiries from businesses in the area that they simply don’t have the time to serve. Rather than lose those clients to a competitor, they work with us when we onboard a new franchise owner in the area and help them get up and running very quickly.”

This sharing strategy allows TeamLogic IT franchise operations to spread out over an existing market much more effectively than competitors, who often work against each other to secure and grow a book of business.

“Our owners enjoy healthy competition, sure, but we all know at the end of the day that we want clients to stay within the TeamLogic IT franchise network,” Chuck says. “We know that by building loyalty to the brand, we build loyalty to each franchise within it.”

Mastermind groups tie it all together

That’s why, in addition to current-market expansion and new-market growth, TeamLogic IT has put together mastermind groups, which are frequent live and online meetings of owners in a region.

“We come together to share best practices, get some sales training in, talk about trends, hear about who’s seeing what,” Chuck says. “It’s remarkable how much we can get done in a very short period of time, and everyone leaves the meeting or the call fired up.”

That means tackling innovative ways to bring in new clients and promote managed services to ensure steady, predictable income to the franchise.

“We have a multifaceted revenue stream at every TeamLogic IT franchise, and we work to make sure our owners know how to capitalize on every angle,” Chuck says. “This is what is allowing us to find success across all of our expansion platform opportunities.”

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