TeamLogic IT Franchise Announces Inaugural Class of Million Dollar Award Winners

Trailblazing owners capitalize on everything from a recovering economic picture to uncovering lucrative niche markets

picture to uncovering lucrative niche markets
When TeamLogic IT franchise owners gathered in late 2015 for the annual Owners Summit, they shared best practices, met with vendors and attended plenty of workshops on ways to grow their operations. There was time for some back-patting as well, including an awards presentation with a new category: The Million Dollar Award.

“And as the name suggests, we acknowledged all franchise teams that broke that illustrious million-dollar mark in revenue,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “When you are running a small business and you hit that mark, it is a milestone, and we want to acknowledge those folks who have achieved it.”

Jim and Andy Hackett have built a solid base of clients in and around Boston, and they now will be taking their TeamLogic IT franchise into several new markets.

A million in revenues — and counting

The six honorees were: Chris Cioffi and Rob Fallows, Keith and Taco Cowan, Andy Hackett and Jim Hackett, Nancy and Stewart Paul, Erik and Tiffany Person, and Adrienne Wong and Jon Simms.

“I know all six very well, and I find it very interesting that they all got to a million dollars — several of them have already eclipsed the $2 million and $3 million mark — in different ways,” Chuck says. “Some had a very heavy focus on managed IT services right from the start, while others were deep in the trenches of break-fix and project work. But I can tell you that all of these folks are very good business people. They are all very focused on implementing our marketing efforts, and all of them put forth an aggressive and consistent outside sales effort.”

TeamLogic IT

Branding is essential to success, and TeamLogic IT franchise owners and techs make sure that businesses know who’s providing valuable IT managed services.

Successes showcase TeamLogic IT business model

Chuck is quick to note that each of the million-dollar TeamLogic IT franchise operations is different. From size of staff to physical location and client base, each is unique. That said, he adds, they all focus on the fundamentals that TeamLogic IT recommends and have found success by following those directives — as well as innovating within their territories to grab increasing amounts of market share.

“None of them cut corners to get to where they are,” Chuck says. “They all try hard to work on their business and not in their business — and that’s not always easy to do. They have varied backgrounds and are in a wide array of geographic settings. Many of them launched just before a major recession, while others have hit this mark within a couple of years of their opening. Each of these franchise owners proves every day that our strategies for managed care IT services really work. They take part in our owners’ groups, they snap up every marketing tool we produce and they mentor new TeamLogic IT franchise owners. They really are the best of the best, and they are why TeamLogic IT continues to expand across the United States.”

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