TeamLogic IT Guides Businesses Toward the Right IT Setup For Growth

The best IT system is able to meet today’s needs while also be ready for tomorrow’s challenges, so a solutions partner is needed on the front end

A successful business owner is adept at taking the “big picture” view in terms of revenue forecasting and other growth measures. What he or she often doesn’t do, however, is factor IT needs into those plans. As a trusted technology advisor, that’s where TeamLogic IT franchise owners come into the picture.

TeamLogic IT franchise service increase“Often we have been brought in to just make some repairs or upgrades, but when a business learns of our managed services solution, they quickly come on board,” says Chuck Lennon, president of TeamLogic IT. “That gives us a seat at the table and lets us learn all about the business. Then we’re able to put forth a solution that is going to address not only their current problems and challenges, but also their future growth needs.”

Scalable is also affordable

Because many companies associate IT services with a hefty price tag, they are pleasantly surprised to find that the TeamLogic IT franchise’s approach adds value without breaking the bank. By working with a business on a regular basis vs. just being called in on occasion, the franchise owner and his or her team are able to serve as technology advisors, and so can create solutions that are appropriate — and affordable.

“IT is never ‘one size fits all,’ although that’s what a lot of vendors try to sell,” Chuck says. “We know that every business is different, and while they all may need basic functions for email, bookkeeping and inventory, how those work and interact with each other is different in every case. We’re not going to come in and suggest a huge, enterprise solution for a 10-person organization. They don’t need that, and they can’t afford it. We work with every customer to craft the right solution for their size and their budget.”

Today’s solutions drive tomorrow’s systems

TeamLogic IT Franchise equipmentThat approach is what has led to great success in the small and medium-sized business space for TeamLogic IT franchise owners and their technicians. An IT provider who can create a custom solution that fits every need now, and can be easily grown into a larger setup as needed, quickly becomes a core member of the operations team.

“Our clients clearly understand our value to them, and we have very strong partnerships with key industry suppliers who can put forth the solutions customers really need,” Chuck notes. “We sit in the space between those suppliers and our customers, so we can work with both sides to create a custom, multifaceted solution.”

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