TeamLogic IT Franchise is a Valued Turnkey Solutions Provider for Small Business

Every company has unique IT needs and concerns, and TeamLogic IT’s customizable solutions offer security and affordability

TeamLogic IT franchise

Server configurations are just one way a TeamLogic IT franchise can help small businesses succeed.

In the early days of opening a business, the focus is on everything from hiring staff to signs and inventory. A TeamLogic IT franchise owner gets that; he or she has been there, too. But overlooking IT needs on the front end — needs ranging from bookkeeping to backup — can quickly cause major problems.

That’s why TeamLogic IT works with all kinds of small businesses from their earliest days. Providing managed services solutions to clients means that they can go about growing their operations without worrying whether their inventory systems are backing up every night, or if their firewall is blocking hackers.

Safety, security are chief concerns

“Some operations, such as doctor’s offices or law firms, have very specific security measures that they must have in place,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “We understand what those needs are, sometimes even better than they do. We can go in and create a turnkey solution that covers all their physical IT needs, as well as the ongoing monitoring, repair, and upgrades to keep them up to date all across their platforms.”

Even companies with less-sensitive data need to be aware of ongoing scams, such as ransomware, which can embed itself into an operating system with the click of an email link, Chuck adds.

“We’ve had that happen to clients, and instead of them having to pay thousands of dollars to get their own computing systems back, we were able to restore their operations from the backup system we had put in place,” he explains. “That’s a very big deal, because these scams are clever, and anyone can fall prey to them.”

No ‘cookie cutter’ system template

No two business operations are alike, and that’s why a TeamLogic IT franchise owner sits down with each potential client and walks through their entire IT setup. From the receptionist’s slightly older-model PC to the server rack in the back, to the shared printer in sales to the satellite dish on the roof, if it’s got a plug, it gets reviewed. That’s why TeamLogic IT’s solutions allow for franchise owners to grow along with their clients.

Team Logic IT service increase“We take great pride in learning their business — not just the IT setup, but what they do and how they do it,” Chuck says. “That gives us a seat at the table when those clients are looking at a new office across town or adding a new service line that will need a beefed-up IT support system. They know that our services give them the safety and security they need to focus on operations and to succeed. And we know that their success means more business for our franchise owners, so everybody wins.”

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