Managed IT Services Is A Hot New IT Business Model

What TeamLogic IT has known for years is now catching on in the ‘break-fix’ community, but being ahead of the curve has its advantages

It’s no surprise to any TeamLogic IT franchise owner that his or her competition is talking up managed IT services. If anything, they only wonder what took everybody else so long.

“The IT-repair world is competitive, and everyone is gunning for larger market share,” says Chuck Lennon, president. “When TeamLogic IT came on the scene a dozen years ago, many thought we were just one more in the pack. They weren’t paying close attention to our managed IT services model, which let us jump way out in front.”

Clients value predictability

Before the advent of TeamLogic IT, a small business with an issue around PCs, laptops, mainframes or any other IT device or system would call a repair person and then hope for the best. Each job was specific to an issue, with no thought about how the entire IT system operated or was configured.

“We changed that,” Chuck says. “We take care of the problem, but then begin talking with the business owner or IT manager about a system whereby we are always on call, and can keep an eye on their entire network of devices, hardware and software alike, for any problems. Then we tell them that it will be a set price — no surprises. That raises a lot of eyebrows, but in a very good way.”

Managed IT allows for deeper relationships

As TeamLogic IT franchise owners put managed IT services contracts into place, the second part of the overall benefits began to unfold. Suddenly a business owner has a partner at the table when growth is being mapped out and IT needs are being considered.

“There is nothing our franchise owners love more than meeting with a client to talk about both current and future needs,” Chuck says. “It may be to review security concerns, or talk about putting some services in the cloud. It may be to discuss the time frame and other needs of hard-wiring a new office, complete with its own stand-alone mainframe. Whatever the case, our managed IT services clients know just how much we bring them. They value that relationship, and we get great word-of-mouth advertising from it that no competitor is able to duplicate.”

TeamLogic IT is the technology franchise small and medium-sized businesses increasingly turn to for turnkey support. TeamLogic IT’s managed services contracts give clients peace of mind around their technology needs, and provide franchise owners with a steady, predictable revenue stream. TeamLogic IT now serves a wide and growing variety of clients in every business sector, from tourism and hospitality to healthcare, legal and accounting. Along the way, TeamLogic IT has grown to more than 100 locations around the United States and continues to expand in both new and existing markets.

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