TeamLogic IT Franchise Names Stewart and Nancy Paul Franchisees of the Year

Slow and steady won the race for these franchise owners, who have created a template for success that others can adapt to their own needs

If things keep going this way, Stewart and Nancy Paul are going to need an extra suitcase. At the recent TeamLogic IT franchise Owners Summit, the Pauls took home not only the new Million Dollar Award for revenue, but also snagged Franchisee of the Year honors.

“We kind of knew about the million-dollar award, but were certainly not expecting the other,” Stewart says. “There are a lot of great TeamLogic IT franchise operations out there, so we were really surprised and pleased.”


Stewart and Nancy Paul nabbed Franchisee of the Year honors at the recent TeamLogic IT franchise Owners Summit.

An honor well deserved

“This award is presented to a franchisee who has demonstrated his or her belief in the franchising concept, represents the brand well in their community, has contributed to strengthening and improving the TeamLogic IT network, and has promoted, supported and fostered his or her fellow franchisees,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “The winner of this prestigious award has not only achieved a very high level of success in their own business, but they also have given a great deal back to the TeamLogic IT network in many ways.”

Of the Pauls, Chuck says: “This couple have only been in the TeamLogic IT network for a few years and yet, in many regards, I feel they have been with us for much longer. If you have spent any time with this couple, you quickly feel their genuine warmth. Becoming friends with them is a very easy thing to do. He’s a fantastic operator — smart, aggressive, competitive and completely customer-focused. He’s proven to be a great team builder and has assembled a loyal, hard-working staff to support their ongoing growth. She is smart and personable and warm and has a smile that lights up every room she enters. Together they are a powerhouse. They are typically the quietest people in the room, but like those old commercials say: ‘When they speak, people listen.’ ”

Paying attention to the fundamentals

The Pauls’ success is due in large part to the attention they pay to every angle of the TeamLogic IT franchise concept. They seldom miss an opportunity to improve their operation.

“Their office is a showplace,” Chuck says. “It is very visible and has helped them build awareness of the TeamLogic IT brand in their local market. Their mini-fleet of wrapped vehicles has also helped them create strong awareness of TeamLogic IT throughout their market area. They have been integral in forming a regional Owners Group; they have never missed a meeting. And they are never too busy to offer support and guidance to other franchisees. He speaks to more prospective franchisees than just about any owner in the network.”

Stewart and Nancy say that, for them, it’s just a matter of sticking to the basics and working from there.

“We follow the system, and we listen to the great leadership we have,” Stewart says. “If you take advantage of the tools you are provided and realize that IT needs are pretty universal, you can succeed. We found one vertical early on — the healthcare field — and continue to explore the opportunities there. Just make sure the business community in your area knows who you are and what you can do — and you can build the business.”

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