TeamLogic IT Customer: ‘Now Everything is Very Secure and Seamless’

Fast-Growing Biological Manufacturing Firm Gets an IT Upgrade from TeamLogic IT franchise in Oklahoma City

Team Logic It Customer Review

Cytovance Biologics had outgrown its old IT provider. The Oklahoma City biological manufacturing firm — which helps pharmaceutical companies manufacture drugs for clinical trials — has been on a rapid growth trajectory since 2008, when its annual revenue was $1.5 million. In 2013, revenue topped $20 million, and in 2014 it is expected to be near $30 million. The company’s staff tripled during that same timeframe. By 2011, the rapid growth had begun to put a strain on the company’s IT infrastructure. Email outages became regular occurrences, and the company website was knocked offline frequently. Cytovance’s employees ran into IT problems all the time, and they often needed help. Keep reading to learn more about this TeamLogic IT customer review!

“It was a day-to-day constant fire drill to fix IT problems,” says Richard Vaillant, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Cytovance. With a highly educated workforce made up of scientists — several at the Ph.D. level — the lost productivity was painful.

Davis Merrey, who owns the TeamLogic IT franchise of Oklahoma City, sat down with Vaillant to learn about Cytovance and the IT issues, then worked with his technicians to craft a plan.

Working with Vaillant

To boost productivity, the company’s existing server was reconfigured, which alleviated outages. They reduced further strain on the server by moving email to a secure cloud-based service — a move that saved Cytovance thousands of dollars by preventing the need for another on-site server and by providing a solution that could easily scale as the business continues to grow.

Davis Merrey TeamLogic IT of Oklahoma City vaillant

Davis Merrey owns TeamLogic IT of Oklahoma City.

Data backup redundancy was also implemented to protect the company’s valuable information, and a firewall was put in place to stymie hackers, viruses and malware.

Most recently, a business continuity solution was put in place that will allow company employees to work remotely while maintaining access to the data on their desktops, even in the event of a natural disaster that destroys the actual machines (or the entire facility).

“Now everything is very secure and seamless,” Vaillant says.

Vaillant says now that the IT infrastructure has been upgraded, Cytovance’s scientists have far fewer computer issues. The TeamLogic IT technician, who is on-site three days a week, mainly handles basic IT issues, such as installing hardware for new employees, handling new software rollouts, and making sure different devices can connect with one another.

“Those issues are 90% of the things we need, thanks to the fact that the back end is now working well,” Vaillant says.

One thing that sets TeamLogic IT apart, Vaillant says, is its ability to handle those minor issues while also providing expertise on trickier IT problems, like email, server and network closets.

“There is a team of technicians that we can tap into at TeamLogic, who all fall under the contract we have and who have a range of skills. To find one person with all of those skills would be extremely rare,” he says.

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