TeamLogic IT Franchise Owner Offers Advice After Cybersecurity Breach

The TeamLogic IT franchise opportunity often includes local media appearances, leading to higher visibility and more client engagement

Last year, the city of Marietta, Georgia, was informed by one of its software vendors that there was a serious security reach in the municipality’s utility-payment system. Some customers may have had their credit card information viewed and/or stolen, city officials learned, and they wasted no time making sure residents were made aware of the situation.

 Many other cities also may have been hit by the same cybersecurity breach, and the FBI was soon called in to investigate. In Marietta, TeamLogic IT technology franchise owner appeared on local news broadcasts to talk about how these kinds of attacks happen, and how businesses can protect themselves.IT franchise

Data security and protection explained

Toms offered good advice to consumers and businesses alike. For instance, she told interviewers that consumers should do their homework before using third-party websites, because they don’t all follow the same set of standards.

“Security, in general, is like peeling back an onion; companies do what they need to do to be compliant, but how deep that goes is up to the company’s concern on risk,” she said, adding that hackers have become increasingly sophisticated. 

“People that hack into these companies are professionals, they understand exactly what they’re doing and the level they take it,” she said. “And so consumers need to make sure they are protected.”

Media appearances offer valuable exposure

When a TeamLogic IT franchise owner such as Toms appears in print or television, he or she gains valuable and free publicity as a subject-matter expert in an area of great interest to consumers and small businesses. That, in turn, often leads to inquiries and sales opportunities, says Chuck Lennon, Executive Vice President.

“When you are introduced as the person who knows all about how to prevent something like a cybersecurity attack, people are going to pay attention,” Lennon says. “We work with our franchise owners so that if they do have a media inquiry, they are ready to go with some strong talking points and are able to share good, pertinent information instead of just rattling off a bunch of statistics. They are comfortable and confident, and they usually are able to get some new-business appointments afterward.”

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