TeamLogic IT Franchise Review: Meet Ryan Mann

Top-performing owner opens up about his significant experience with the top-rated IT franchise

Before Ryan Mann bought his TeamLogic IT franchise in Mountain View, California, he worked there as an employee for several years, managing the IT support for clients. This perspective from both sides of the business has given Mann a unique perspective as to what it takes to own and run a growing, successful IT franchise.

In the last few weeks, Mann’s business, like every business in the nation, has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic – only Mann is busier than ever before. As a TeamLogic IT franchise owner, his business is well-positioned to help other small businesses adjust to the crisis, stay open, and keep operating efficiently. In these challenging times, being in a position to provide an essential service is a tremendous differentiator. 

This crisis has amplified what Mann already knew about the culture of TeamLogic IT franchise owners. He and his fellow owners are sharing information, resources and providing each other with solutions that allow individual franchise owners to thrive and provide a better experience for their clients.

In this interview, Mann speaks about his professional journey to become a TeamLogic IT franchise owner, the support of his fellow owners, and how his core values are guiding him to a prosperous future.

This is his story:

What were you doing before you became a TeamLogic IT franchise owner?

I was working at the TeamLogic IT franchise I later bought. I worked there for four years before I bought in. I’ve been in the Managed Services industry for about 20 years, except for the two worst years of my life when I took a break and sold electronics. I first heard from former colleagues of mine who were working at TeamLogic IT corporate, and the franchise model felt like the way to go for this industry. Four years later, the owner decided he was ready to retire and I bought it from him.

What was it about TeamLogic IT that made you want to buy in?

Being a part of a franchise was the best of both worlds. I had worked for some of the largest MSP companies, and it was great to have that buying power and the resources of a large MSP, but it’s very difficult to have individual offices that can be managed as an individual office. So with the franchise model, you get the support, the resources and buying power of a large MSP, but as a franchise owner, you’re free to run your own business and be nimble. TeamLogic IT Franchise is large enough to support you and small enough to know you. After working here for a while, I found that to be the case, and I thought if anyone was qualified to own this business, it should be me.

Why is being a part of a franchise advantageous to a person who hasn’t owned a business before?

We never have to figure out anything from scratch. During this Covid-19 pandemic, all of the TeamLogic IT franchise owners are sharing resources, information and helping ensure everyone gets their questions answered. This is a community that supports and helps each other. We can also share the work that we’ve done, so if I spend a long time working on a project, I share how I’ve done it and the other franchise owners do the same. If you have a question or a problem, chances are, another franchise owner has run into the same problem and has a solution. This community relies on each other, and that’s the best part about it.

How has this crisis affected your customers?

Not too much. We’re lucky. We’ve been busier than usual, in fact, we’ve had more support tickets in the last couple of weeks than we’ve had in the history of our company. We’ve been well-positioned through this crisis – we can do everything remotely, and we can still provide the support that our customers expect. 

What Kind of Businesses Do You Serve?

From a revenue standpoint, we serve primarily nonprofits, as well as biotech, medical, lawyers, accountants, and some engineering companies. In truth, any company that relies on technology is a candidate for us. We have about 30-50 clients per month, and about 30 of those are Managed Services clients that we bill every month.

What are your hopes for your business?

My hope is to keep growing. I want to grow to about 30 employees – which is big, but it’s still small enough to manage and keep our core values intact. Everything that we do comes from our values, honesty & integrity, customer service, teamwork, hard work and technical proficiency. This recent pandemic was a great chance to remind ourselves as to what our core values are, and I went over them with my team. We need to keep our eyes on the prize and we need to have each other’s back. Technical proficiency is a value that you can teach, but the rest need to be instilled in the individuals, and if you have a good team that shares your values, you’re going to be able to thrive in a crisis like this.

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