TeamLogic IT Franchise Owners Identify Top Growth Markets

By looking at the specific IT requirements of different business sectors, TeamLogic IT can find ways to meet and exceed those needs

TeamLogic IT franchise

TeamLogic IT franchise owners are skilled at finding new niche markets for their services.

The mark of a successful business is not just the clients it has in its portfolio, but the list of potential new ones that are being actively recruited. TeamLogic IT franchise owners know this, and that’s why they work together to share information about new markets to penetrate.

“We had one franchise owner bring in a funeral home chain, which was certainly not a line of business we had looked at before,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “Not a lot of people knock on their doors. But when we saw the successful partnership between our operation and theirs, it got us to thinking about other markets we might be overlooking.”

Survey yields surprising results

Chuck and the corporate team reached out to all TeamLogic IT franchise operations and asked what industries were being targeted with marketing materials and site visits. The results were surprising — and very encouraging.

“We asked for their top 10 customers and information on the industries and decision-makers behind those,” Chuck says. “And we got a lot of terrific data. About 19 percent of total revenue came from health care, for instance, which we didn’t expect. And we also found that as each TeamLogic IT franchise grew larger in terms of business volume, the size of the client grew alongside that.”

One niche client lays a foundation

TeamLogic IT franchise

TeamLogic IT franchise services bring peace of mind to many types of business owners.

Another finding of this informal poll was that, once a specific type of business came on board with a TeamLogic IT franchise, word of mouth would get around, and others in that sector would soon come calling.

“With companies like architectural or engineering firms, you find that while they compete, they also talk to each other a lot,” Chuck says. “Whether they are a boutique shop or a larger operation, they all have very similar IT needs. And when they find a vendor who can provide a steady, comprehensive, reliable service, they share that knowledge.”

These operations are a perfect target for managed services contracts, he adds, because they want reliability in terms of service, as well as a predictable monthly cost to fold into their bottom line.

Best of all, this list is likely to grow in the coming months and years.

“I know we do a lot of work with hotels, as well as with restaurant and retail operations, and they were still a very small part of this overall picture,” Chuck says. “That tells me that those, as well as nonprofits and other areas, still offer a huge potential for us as growth platforms.”

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