TeamLogic IT Franchise Owners’ Summit to Showcase Explosive Growth

From market infill to establishing franchises in additional cities and states, TeamLogic IT is blanketing the U.S. with new operations

When TeamLogic IT franchise owners got together in Huntington Beach, California, in October, they had a lot to talk about. And a lot of new people to meet.

The annual TeamLogic IT Owners Summit, which was Oct. 14-17, comes during an unprecedented growth period for the managed IT services provider franchise. Existing franchises are reporting strong client retention and growth numbers, while new TeamLogic IT franchise locations are opening in current markets as well as in new cities and states.

“I know I say this every year, but there has never been a better time to become a TeamLogic IT franchise owner,” says TeamLogic IT President Chuck Lennon. “The economy continues to improve, and along with that there’s a need for IT sales, service, and support. TeamLogic IT excels at all three.”

New markets showcase brand viability

TeamLogic IT is a managed care computer franchise built on collaboration.

TeamLogic IT franchise technicians and owners are finding ways to tap into many niche markets.

In 2015 alone, TeamLogic IT has planted its flag in Maryland, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Indiana, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Franchises have also come online in Washington D.C. and New York City.

“We are in more than 30 states now, and our growth continues to rise exponentially every year,” Chuck says. “We are positioned to finish out 2015 in very strong fashion, and we’re already talking with lots of people about new territories in both our existing states and in whole new markets for 2016.”

That’s not by accident. TeamLogic IT has always worked to infill its current markets at the same time it explores new ones. It’s the same approach that has franchise owners working to add services to existing clients’ accounts while also bringing in new business, Chuck explains.

“Organic growth, coupled with new growth, are paramount to our success as a national franchise, and for each of our locations,” he says.

Revenue growth continues to rise

Along with increased market penetration, TeamLogic IT franchise operations also report a steady, upward trend in revenue. That comes from both regular client work, and from the rise in managed IT services that Chuck highlighted when the owners gathered.

“We’re seeing our managed services component grow month over month. That is the core of our value proposition. We monitor both the revenue increase from managed IT services sales, as well as the number of clients who are purchasing managed IT services, because that’s key to our success. We are thrilled with what we are seeing across the board.”

“In 2013, managed IT services were 31 percent of revenue across the network,” he says. “In 2015, they are at 41 percent. That means that our franchises are building on the recurring revenue model, which gives them predictability in terms of income. And when they have a baseline of what’s coming in, they can plan to expand their operations more effectively. When you know what you’re making, you can grow staff, target new industries, and do all the other things that will make your business stronger and more profitable.”

Compare that to others in the IT service and repair sector — companies that rely on “churn and burn” models that focus on break-fix work exclusively — and Chuck says it’s clear why TeamLogic IT franchises continue to dominate.

“Consistent, recurring revenue is at the core of our business model,” he says. “The rise of managed IT services at our franchises shows that they know that, and they know how to market and sell those effectively. It’s very exciting to watch what’s happening now, and we can’t wait to see what 2016 is going to bring.”

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