TeamLogic IT Franchises Bring Value to Tech Vendors and End Users Alike

From increased sales for manufacturers to price-friendly solutions for clients, TeamLogic IT franchises make technology work for everyone

TeamLogic IT franchise

TeamLogic IT franchise owners bridge the gap between vendors and businesses.

In business, there’s a lot of focus on how a project begins or ends — overlooking what’s going on in the middle. But that’s where a TeamLogic IT franchise usually is, and that’s where value is created for both ends of the technology spectrum.

For example, the makers of software and hardware want to sell in volume, and to do so they’ll lower their per-item prices. That means TeamLogic IT franchise owners get great deals and can offer goods at the lowest cost in their service areas. The vendor sells more products, the client gets a better deal — everybody wins.

Meeting needs across the spectrum

“We serve as a conduit between manufacturers and our clients, and so they really don’t interact with each other except through us,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “Vendors know when they meet with us that we have a national network of franchise locations, all of which have clients in multiple business sectors. That means we need mainframes, server racks, software solutions, laptops, desktop PCs, tablets … you name it.”

That gives TeamLogic IT negotiating power, he says, and it means that franchise owners can rely on a steady supply of products and devices. In turn, they have an inventory that’s deep and wide enough to meet all client needs on any given day.

TeamLogic IT franchise

Companies of all sizes need the kind of ongoing IT support that TeamLogic IT offers.

Vendor management as added bonus

What’s more, TeamLogic IT franchises can leverage their close relationships with vendors to provide management services as a part of a comprehensive, managed IT services solution.

“For instance, if a dentist’s office is using proprietary dental software, and they have bought it directly from the software manufacturer, we will still serve as the go-between if needed,” Chuck explains. “We manage that vendor on behalf of the client, so if there’s a problem, that dentist and his or her staff don’t have to chase down tech support or spend all day on the phone.”

That’s a plus for the client and for the vendor, whose tech-support personnel then deal with a TeamLogic IT franchise tech who’s savvy enough to know what to ask. The problem gets fixed faster, and the client is back up and running.

“We like operating from the middle space, because it allows us to grow outward in many ways that benefit our franchise owners,” Chuck says, “as well as the vendors we buy from and clients we serve. We are always looking for new ways to enhance those relationships in both directions.”

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