TeamLogic IT Franchises Find Opportunity in Child-Care Business Sector

Safety and security is a parent’s chief concern when it comes to child-care facilities, and that includes their databases and monitoring systems

The high-tech side of a day care or after-school care business is less apparent than the playgrounds, toys, and other operational elements. It’s less visible, but it is of supreme importance to parents, administrators — and TeamLogic IT franchise owners, who are making strong inroads into this industry sector.

TeamLogic IT

TeamLogic IT franchise services are valuable for large and small businesses alike.

“At first, you wouldn’t think about child-care facilities as a solid niche for IT services,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “But we have found that they have sophisticated systems in place for checking kids in and out, including fingerprint readers for the child and his or her parents. They also have cameras and other monitoring systems, as well as databases with a lot of sensitive information around medical needs for certain children.”

Creating a cohesive operations system

Some TeamLogic IT franchises have already worked with Montessori schools, Chuck says, which means that there’s some institutional knowledge available for owners looking to tap into this area.

“We helped them install their computer networks, but also the webcams they had all around their property for security,” he says. “Those have to work two ways, because they are tied into software that parents can download and use to look at their kids during the day. All these systems have to be unified at the end of the day, and it can be a challenge for a small IT operator who doesn’t have the depth of knowledge that a TeamLogic IT franchise does.”

What’s more, he adds, the rise of smartphone apps means that school systems need near-constant monitoring and upgrades so that they can keep up with what parents demand in terms of accessibility. This makes the child-care niche a perfect place for managed services contracts.

Niche marketing grows business

“A lot of our worlds collide here,” Chuck notes. “Back-office computing, security systems, cameras, phone and tablet apps … the good schools utilize all this technology, and a failure at any point in that continuum could be catastrophic. They may not look like a heavy IT shop from the outside, but we are finding that they have just as much computerization, if not more, than many small businesses in the community.”

Servicing and supporting those critical functions is central to what a TeamLogic IT franchise offers these schools. Having a dependable vendor means a lot to them, and it’s why many franchisees are marketing directly to schools and bringing onboard lots of new clients.

“We are always ready to help any of our franchises craft a message specific to a school, or any other business group they want to go after,” Chuck says. “We believe our services are excellent for any business, but when an owner can hone in on one area and become the region’s recognized expert, that’s even better in terms of growth and new opportunities.”

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