TeamLogic IT Franchises Protect Customers From Scams

Ransomware and other ‘Trojan horses’ can stop a business in its tracks and cost thousands of dollars to fix — but can be prevented

team logic it franchise team membersIt all starts with opening what looks to be like a harmless email. The content, however, isn’t spam; that email contains a vicious software program that a TeamLogic IT franchise technician or owner might have been able to prevent from taking hold with some simple warnings.

Here’s how it works: Malicious code is embedded in what looks like an official email. Once that file is opened, however, this outside software rapidly works its way from the email program into the company’s entire IT system, which it then shuts down until a ransom is paid.

Data destroyed, records lost in attacks

“Some of our clients have been hit with ransomware, and those who have followed two recommendations — having a very good, sound data backup system and a business continuity solution — have had very little impact from it,” says Chuck Lennon, president of TeamLogic IT. “But our TeamLogic IT franchise owners report that they’ve been called to many businesses without those solutions in place, and there they’ve had to deal with systems and servers being tied up for several days, and had to watch those businesses pay quite a bit of money to gain access to their systems.”

Even in an age of Trojan horses like ransomware and other viral scams, many businesses do not have an “Email 101” program in place to train employees to spot bogus communications — and to never open them. What’s more, they also don’t have the secure backups in place that would allow for quick system restoration even if a ransomware attack were successful. That’s why TeamLogic IT franchise owners don’t just do “break-fix” work for their clients, but act as partners so that sensible, proactive solutions can be mapped out and put into place.

Prevention pays off in every circumstance

team logic it franchise phone“The latest attacks we’re hearing about really refocus the need for small businesses to be careful not just about having spam filters, but about staff education and system enhancement,” Chuck says. “But the best thing a business owner can do is to make sure their backup and recovery systems are in place and ready to go. Then what could be a hugely expensive problem becomes a fixable issue.”

From surviving viral attacks to making it through power outages and natural disasters, TeamLogic IT franchise technicians and owners know the value of safe, secure data storage. That’s why they are trusted partners offering the managed care solutions that help companies grow.

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