TeamLogic IT Model Provides Faster Runway to Grow Client Relationships

Small businesses value collaboration as much as quality service, which is why TeamLogic IT succeeds by offering both to its clients

TeamLogic IT

TeamLogic IT offers a franchise model that focuses on building relationships.

Ask any TeamLogic IT franchise owner what they like best about the business, and the answer is always the same: getting out and talking with clients. Perhaps that’s why they are at the table when important IT decisions are being made — not just the person who takes the call when there’s an IT problem.

“Our franchise owners love people, so whether it’s a new client with a problem that needs repairing or a longtime business partner who wants to consult on a new IT platform, they love to make those calls,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “They’re like the U.S. Post Office — neither rain, sleet or snow will keep them from making their rounds!”

Face time builds trust

Many of these “meet and greet” sessions are held around equipment review and performance, so there’s always an eye toward possible sales. But TeamLogic IT franchise owners also like to just drop in on a business every few weeks to see how the day-to-day functions are going.

“We do an awful lot behind the scenes in terms of managed IT services that are remote,” Chuck says. “We are monitoring their operations and making sure everything’s functioning properly. By stopping in, franchise owners and techs can meet new employees and build on the relationships they are developing with that client.”

TeamLogic IT

Many ways to engage and grow relationships

Often a client will come on board because of a bad situation, such as a server failure or email issue. That’s not the best day to start talking about upgrades and advancements, and TeamLogic IT owners know that. That’s the day for quickly and efficiently getting that client up and running again — and for scheduling a follow-up visit.

“They have a problem they want resolved, and that’s all they can see,” Chuck says. “It’s not their best day, and we know better than to go in there and try to upsell. A lot of our competitors do, but we absolutely never take advantage of a business opportunity that way. We check back in after a few days to make sure that everything’s OK, and only then do we start a conversation about how maybe cloud-based services could provide a more long-term resolution, and how managed IT services can be of benefit as their business grows.”

In the end, it’s about honing in on the unique aspects of each client, and then finding a workable, affordable solution that allows the business to grow without experiencing IT hiccups.

“We are there to be proactive, and we make sure our clients know that,” Chuck says. “That’s why they call us when they need to look at IT operations. We are trusted, we keep up with the upgrades and advancements they need, and we provide value. That makes all the difference.”

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