TeamLogic IT Provides Solid Financial Opportunities for Franchise Owners

New products and services create ways to add revenues by enhancing offerings to current customers while also engaging with new ones

Even if a business is known for one major service, it still has to offer variety to keep existing clients and engage new ones. TeamLogic IT franchise owners know that, and they can relax in the knowledge that they’ll never run out of new products and services.

“We are known as a premier IT service and support provider, but that’s just the top-down view,” says Chuck Lennon, Executive Vice President. “When you get a little more granular, you see all the hardware, software, support services and managed IT services contracts that make up all the moving, growing parts of a TeamLogic IT franchise.”

TeamLogic Server

Increase current client engagement

The benefits of a robust, growing product line are many. For existing customers it’s a chance to augment services already in place. That they get to do so with a trusted vendor is a compelling bonus.

“If a TeamLogic IT franchise owner has been working with a client for many years, chances are they came in for a very specific set of duties,” Lennon says. “Times change, and nowhere faster than in IT. By being able to offer everything from enhanced security services to cloud-based computing solutions, we grow alongside them.”

New customers enjoy multiple choices

The same is true for the new TeamLogic IT customer. That relationship may have begun as a “break-fix” call for immediate support, which was then followed by a deeper conversation about business strategies and support.

“Many small companies have left their IT backbone to chance, because they were busy growing other elements of the operation,” Lennon says. “When they have a problem, and TeamLogic IT fixes it, they are most grateful. That leads to a review of all their systems, after which many  become clients because of all the ways that we can support them and help them grow their businesses.”

TeamLogic IT is the technology franchise small- and medium-sized businesses increasingly rely on for turnkey support. TeamLogic IT’s managed IT services contracts give clients peace of mind about their technology needs, and provide franchise owners with a steady, predictable revenue stream. The company now serves a wide and growing variety of clients in every business sector, from tourism and hospitality to health care, legal and accounting.  Along the way, TeamLogic IT has grown to more than 145 locations throughout North America and continues to expand in new and existing markets.

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