TeamLogic IT Puts Laser Focus on Niche Markets

From nonprofits to hotel chains to flower shops, every operation needs the safe, reliable IT support TeamLogic IT provides

Desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, server racks, cloud services … businesses use any and all of these separately and in combination, but with one common denominator: they need support. That’s why an internal survey of TeamLogic IT franchise owners turned up a staggering variety of clients.

“We asked all our owners to identify their top 10 customers by industry, and it was really interesting,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “We saw a lot of things that we expected, such as health care coming in at 19 percent. We know that TeamLogic IT franchise owners work a lot with doctors, dentists, and other providers. But there was a lot on the list that we were surprised by, such as a growing number of architects and engineers. Those shops have very specialized IT needs, and this shows just how broad the expertise of TeamLogic IT is.”

TeamLogic IT is a managed care computer franchise built on collaboration.

TeamLogic IT franchise technicians and owners are finding ways to tap into many niche markets.

Client size grows along with franchise

Another thing that popped up in the results was how TeamLogic IT’s client roster grew not only in volume, but also in client size, over time.

“We noticed that as our franchise owners brought in more business, they tended to bring in larger clients,” Chuck says. “It really does feed on itself. Once that location proves that it can handle a 100-person office, for example, then they’re going to bring in more business in that size range. That means more techs are hired, and the franchise continues to grow in both size and variety.”

Hospitality industry remains steady

TeamLogic IT franchise owners have long been embedded in the hospitality industry, and the survey numbers bore that out. Whether it’s a boutique operation like a B&B or a large chain, our franchise owners continue to find ways to expand that line of business.

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Complex hardware systems can be a nightmare for businesses, but TeamLogic IT franchise owners have the solutions.

“We’ve definitely carved out a niche in the hotel industry, but we also perform very, very well in the restaurant sector,” Chuck says. “We’re moving very aggressively into nonprofits, where we already do a lot of business. The key thing we offer is not just break-fix work, but also managed services, and these operations love the idea of turning their IT over to someone they can trust, and to be able to budget that expense.”

From furniture shops to funeral homes, TeamLogic IT franchise owners cast a wide net and reel in business throughout their market areas. This is really no surprise, Chuck says.

“We talk to a restaurant, and then the next thing we know we’re talking to a restaurant group,” he explains. “Our business grows that way, because these are savvy people who get the value of what we’re offering. What our survey shows us is what we already know, which is the sky’s the limit.”

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