TeamLogic IT Rolls Out Managed IT Services Toolkit for Cloud Services

By offering ‘solutions in a box,’ TeamLogic IT allows franchise owners and techs to build on core competencies while adding new service lines

TeamLogic IT franchise owners and techs stay ahead of the competition by finding something that works and sticking to it. There’s no better example than the series of toolkits that are being produced: Hot on the heels of the recently released mobility toolkit, one for cloud services is now available.

“We are always exploring ways our owners can increase their market share, especially in a super-hot area like mobility,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “We don’t want to just be a ‘me, too’ vendor. Our toolkits are a way to educate our teams on a specific niche, while giving them the tools to sell and serve clients in that area.”

Cloud growth exponential in coming years


TeamLogic IT franchise teams offer specialized care and protection for devices that rely on cloud services.

The cloud services toolkit was chosen to follow mobility for several reasons. One, there is explosive growth in businesses’ and consumers’ use of cloud-based computing. And two, many businesses rush headlong into cloud options without looking at all the pros and cons.

“There’s a tendency in IT to grab everything new that comes out, and if people are untrained, that’s doubly so,” Chuck says. “Who doesn’t want to have the latest and best? But in many cases, a land-based system is vastly preferable for a business. That can be for security reasons or any number of other aspects.”

TeamLogic IT franchise owners and techs meet with existing and potential clients and walk them through what cloud services are, explaining how their business might benefit. They work together to nail down a comprehensive strategy. And that, Chuck says, is where TeamLogic IT stands out.


Folding new services into managed IT services

“The intent with the cloud services kit, and all the others that will follow, is to provide an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise,” Chuck explains. “If we’re called in to a new client for a break-fix job, we can assess their overall IT situation and then sit down with the business owner to make recommendations. Often that has to do with what we’ve just repaired, but more often than not it’s a much broader, top-down review of their IT setup.”

That, he adds, leads to a conversation about what’s new and buzzy, such as mobility and cloud services, as well as more traditional IT areas such as desktop computers, mainframes, upgrades and system security.

“I can tell you, having sat in on some of those meetings, that a TeamLogic IT franchise owner will dazzle in those settings,” Chuck says. “Just being able to present a case for cloud services — or for waiting on cloud services — that showcases how a client can make or save money really gets their attention. And once you’ve demonstrated your expertise in one area, it’s very easy to move that client into a managed IT services contract, where we are their trusted vendor for all the business technology they own, or will own.”

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