TeamLogic IT Franchise Helps Clients Close Smart-Tech Security Gaps

From unwanted intrusions via email to more subtle hacks, cybersecurity is a business concern every TeamLogic IT technology franchise is ready to address

Businesses of every size worry — justifiably — about their data becoming compromised. That’s why they engage with TeamLogic IT technology franchise owners for cybersecurity services designed to prevent would-be hackers from getting into networks and databases.

But what about that shiny new microwave, refrigerator or coffeemaker in the breakroom and its WIFI-enabled smart access. Is an espresso you can prepare from your desk opening the door to system vulnerability?

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Ever-evolving workplaces present continuous challenges

“It sounds funny, but there’s nothing humorous about a data breach,” says Chuck Lennon, Executive Vice President. “Business owners are busy people, and many think they have security locked down after doing a once-yearly look around the office, or by running antivirus software. The reality is much more complex.” 

That’s because every time a new piece of equipment, from printer to smartphone to kitchen gadget, comes into the workplace it ties into the WIFI system, and thus provides a virtual door for access to the tech-savvy invader. The good news is that a managed IT services contract sets up continual, ongoing reviews that put safeguards in place.

Comprehensive assessments expose unseen liabilities

“One of the thigs every TeamLogic IT technology franchise team does for those managed services clients is a wraparound review of their whole IT framework,” Lennon says, “And as a part of that they are notified any time something new taps into the WIFI, so that they can ensure that it’s a proper use. Then they can install safety rails around that device to make sure access to it, and through it, is protected.”

This type of forward-thinking service is a huge hit with clients, as it provides peace of mind. It also sets up TeamLogic IT as a trusted business partner in an ongoing relationship vs. just being a ‘break-fix’ vendor. That means steady, predictable revenue as well as the strong word of mouth that continues to make TeamLogic IT a leading IT franchise opportunity.

TeamLogic IT is the technology franchise small and medium-sized businesses increasingly rely on for turnkey support. TeamLogic IT’s managed IT services contracts give clients peace of mind about their technology needs, and provide franchise owners with a steady, predictable revenue stream. The company now serves a wide and growing variety of clients in every business sector, from tourism and hospitality to health care, legal and accounting.  Along the way, TeamLogic IT has grown to nearly 200 locations throughout North America and continues to expand in new and existing markets 

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