TeamLogic IT’s Pacesetter Group Schools Franchise Owners On Sales Savvy

From cold calls to follow-up visits with existing clients, these tips and tricks help every owner keep, and grow, a strong base of business

TeamLogic IT franchise

TeamLogic IT franchise owners benefit from sales and marketing support that enables sustainable success.

Even though a TeamLogic IT franchise’s services may sell themselves, owners know that they still have to put forth effort. And whether it’s moving an existing client to a managed services platform or proposing a new line of service, sometimes selling even a worthwhile product can be difficult.

That’s why we at TeamLogic IT have put our Pacesetters Group into place. Led by Director of Sales Support Alisa O’Grady Kunz, these group calls are held every other week and are a wealth of information for franchise owners, says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT.

Sales advice for every level of expertise

“About 95 percent of our TeamLogic IT franchise owners have no sales experience, and they are not required to have any when they open their doors,” Chuck says. “But that means many of them find the whole idea to be intimidating. Alisa has sold IT support and managed services for many years, and so she knows exactly how to ease them into the process, and then guide them along as they begin calling on clients.”

Alisa is available to any franchise owner, Chuck adds, and will often bring in a successful operator as a “case study” for a Pacesetter call.

“It’s about best practices, whether it’s one of our owners or just some general theories,” he explains. “She’ll run them through many different approaches, such as what they are doing to grow revenue, how they are uncovering new leads, what they do when they get those leads, and every part of the sales process.”

Getting in the door and staying there

Alisa also focuses on what to do with existing clients, so that TeamLogic IT franchise owners can solidify and retain their business base while also working on new prospects.

TeamLogic IT

Marketing is an ‘on the go’ proposition for TeamLogic IT franchise owners, who benefit from solid sales coaching.

“A lot of what she’ll do is work with them on how to conduct a client meeting, so that they’re asking the right questions to uncover additional needs,” Chuck says. “She’ll do role-playing with people, so that they can really take advantage of what can be a very short meeting because the client is a busy person. Our franchise owners just love it, because she’s helping them make the most of every interaction with new and existing clients.”

The end goal is not just to bring in new business, although that’s certainly a key driver, but to make sure franchise owners know they are supported.

TeamLogic IT stands behind our people; we don’t just attend their ribbon-cutting and leave them to fend for themselves,” Chuck says. “Our technical support network is the best in the managed services industry, and our sales training and support is second to none.”

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