TeamLogic IT’s Unique Managed IT Services Business Model

By providing managed IT services, TeamLogic IT succeeds by offering value to vendors and clients alike. How? Working from the middle.

Most small businesses don’t have an IT department; usually there’s just someone on staff that “knows computers.” And rather than managed IT services, the setup is more like “when something happens, we manage to get by.”

Those small businesses are potential clients for TeamLogic IT. They’re not our current clients, for sure, because TeamLogic IT clients have solid solutions in place to meet their IT needs now and in the future. No, those are the companies who call in a panic and soon learn the value of having a trusted advisor for all their tech needs.

“A lot of our franchise owners report that their first contact with a new client is pretty high drama,” says Chuck Lennon, President of TeamLogic IT. “The call comes when a server has gone down, or the email system is offline, or malware has gotten into their system and shut down operations completely. It’s not their best day, and they need help quickly.”

TeamLogic IT franchise

Managed IT services means that TeamLogic IT franchises work with clients on training and operations..

Fix the current problem, prevent future ones

Our goal is to get that business back on its feet right away, and TeamLogic IT techs are the best in the business at making that happen. A successful service call creates a happy client and opens the door to a little education on the managed IT services model.

“Our franchise owners don’t just send out techs and bills,” Chuck says. “They love to get out and see all their clients. That means attending strategy meetings with long-term partners, so that they are giving advice about IT systems and support as those companies grow. And for new clients, it means making sure that whatever was broken is now operating properly and talking a bit about how a managed IT services platform can prevent that kind of chaos in the future.”

It’s important to note that this is not a sales call. Sure, there’s going to be some business talked over, but the goal is not to walk away with a contract. The idea, rather, is to point out the value of proactive thinking and the value of aligning with a partner who offers IT expertise that the business may lack.


Any kind of IT configuration lends itself to the TeamLogic IT managed IT services support model.

Reliable service and support, 24/7

“The quickest way we can win a customer’s heart is to tell them they never have to be on hold with tech support again,” Chuck says. “That’s because in addition to monitoring and managing the IT systems and services they purchase through us, we also provide vendor management for products they have already installed or buy on their own. We are a true, turn-key vendor for IT.”

That means if a doctor’s office has software in place for coding medical charts for billing, and it crashes, one call to TeamLogic IT gets a tech onsite to analyze the issue — and then fix it. No doctor’s employees are pulled off their duties to try to work out the problem.

Having an experienced professional handling the issue pays off in other ways, as well.

“Our techs know the language, and so when they get through to a vendor’s support personnel, they can quickly and clearly lay out the problem,” Chuck explains. “That always results in a faster resolution. And at the same time, the tech may identify other issues with that particular software, or the system in general, that need to be addressed.”


In the end, managed IT services provide a backbone of service and support that any small business needs. Because TeamLogic IT franchise owners are able to easily lay out that value proposition, they quickly move into that trusted advisor space vs. just being the “break-fix” vendor of choice. Having them on board helps companies grow smoothly and efficiently, while also expanding the client base of the franchise itself. It’s a business model with no downside.

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