TeamLogic IT’s Vendor Relationships Provide Value for Clients

A national network of managed IT care providers means vendors want TeamLogic IT’s business, which translates into lower prices and better service

TeamLogic IT franchise

TeamLogic IT has built vendor relationships that mean significant savings for clients.

Anyone who shops at a warehouse outlet knows that when you buy 24 of something, the price per item is usually lower than when you pick up one or two in a regular retail settling. The same goes for TeamLogic IT when it’s shopping for everything from server racks to software solutions. The result? Savings for everyone.

“It’s a subtle thing, so it’s sometimes hard to get across,” says Chuck Lennon, TeamLogic IT President. “Our customers, in all our marketplaces, benefit from TeamLogic IT’s buying power in many ways. They benefit from being able to deal with a local company, one with a strong presence in the community. They don’t have to go out and shop for these things — we provide the solutions.”

National network builds value

What’s more, Chuck adds, “Those same clients benefit from their local TeamLogic IT franchise owner being part of a national network that brings extraordinary buying power to vendors and suppliers. We not only provide our clients with the best solutions, we also do so at the most competitive price possible. Other local providers simply cannot match the price scales we are able to achieve.”

TeamLogic IT is in constant negotiation with manufacturers, Chuck adds, so that it can take advantage of falling prices on equipment as new models are released, as well as obtain those new devices, or software platforms, at a market-best rate.


Increased speed from problem to resolution

Another value that TeamLogic IT can bring to the table is when problems come up with equipment or technology. Something not working? Clients don’t have to sit on the phone all day waiting for tech support — they just call their TeamLogic IT technology advisor. It’s all a part of the managed IT services model.

“We are able to escalate service because, again, our size and volume matters,” Chuck says. “If our client runs into a problem with a device, or a firewall station, we are able to leverage our relationship with the vendor to get a quick resolution. If someone is running a small business, he or she doesn’t have the time or inclination to sit on the phone all day, waiting for tech support, and then trying to figure out what’s going on. One call to their TeamLogic IT partner, and our technicians are diagnosing the issue and getting in touch with the manufacturer for a fix or a replacement. That’s the kind of power we’ve built up in our national network, and it’s extremely valuable to our clients around the country.”

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