Technology Franchise President’s 3 Takeaways from CompTIA Conference

Strong customer service, solid consulting skills and hiring quality staff are today’s keys to business services franchise success

TeamLogic IT President chuck Lennon, left, with 2013 Franchisees of the Year Davis and Barbara Merrey.

TeamLogic IT President chuck Lennon, left, with 2013 Franchisees of the Year Davis and Barbara Merrey.

TeamLogic IT President Chuck Lennon has been attending the annual CompTIA convention for the past eight years, and it’s easy to see why. Thousands of IT professionals, members of the academic community and IT vendors attend the trade association’s event. Here are three of Chuck’s major takeaways from this year’s conference:

No. 1: Technology franchise owners should be consultants

“An idea that needs to be reinforced in the technology industry is the role of consulting,” Chuck says. “Never has consulting been more important than today. The successful IT support companies out there are the ones that provide not only good tech support, but also provide good consultations.”

By that, he means not just going into a client’s business to set up or repair their computers or server, but to sit down and learn about that client’s operations — then use that knowledge to make solid recommendations for how the company can use technology.

“Small and medium–sized business owners and decision makers today are more confused than ever,” he says. “They have a lot of options available and issues to deal with — mobility, security, firewalls, business continuity, cloud services … where to start?

“Where a TeamLogic IT franchise owner needs to start is not with selling the technology, but by understanding what the business’ needs are. That’s what a good consultant does.”

Consultation is built into the TeamLogic IT business model. One of the technology franchise’s core values for customers is its ability to act as a managed IT services provider — an ongoing partner that provides ongoing troubleshooting, system monitoring, help desk services, as well as strategic planning. Creating custom solutions is key to moving a client from one-off repairs to a monthly, managed services contract that provides peace of mind to the client — and steady income to the technology franchise owner.

The team at TeamLogic IT of Mountain View.

The team at TeamLogic IT of Mountain View.

The holistic approach also helps technology franchise owners build trusted relationships with clients.

“We must show good, strong customer service,” he says. “The managed service provider who excels at customer service will achieve a great level of success. It’s not just about maintaining the technology but also taking care of the customer.

No. 2: Some businesses need to get their heads out of the cloud

Another hot topic at CompTIA was cloud-based computing and its pitfalls.

“There is is so much confusion about cloud services,” Chuck says. “The media has done the industry an injustice by equating cloud services with cost savings. Business owners say, ‘This is great, I don’t need any more equipment,’ and that’s not the case. Technology franchise owners have to right this ship and help the client understand that cloud services aren’t the right solution for everybody.”

For starters, some businesses should not have their data on public-facing cloud systems at all. A physician’s practice, for example, could run afoul of HIPAA regulations by putting patient records in unsecured storage settings. Many companies are becoming aware of this and are looking to move to private cloud services, or even back to servers.

“Migrating from public to private is something we can help with, and that is very complementary to our role as a consultant,” he says. “We can work with a client to see how they access and utilize data, and we can ensure that it is properly secured and backed up wherever it is.”

No. 3: IT business is booming

The CompTIA conference has a lot of good information, Chuck says, and it was also bursting with optimism and enthusiasm from attendees.

“The industry is really doing well,” he reports. “Only 20% of small businesses are using managed services today. That is fantastic news for TeamLogic IT and our franchise owners. There is absolutely zero saturation going on in our industry, and business opportunities are tremendous for managed services going forward.”

TeamLogic IT franchisees have been taking advantage of that opportunity at a blistering pace. TeamLogic IT’s system-wide revenues have increased by at least 40% for three consecutive years.

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