Where are the Top Growth Areas for TeamLogic IT Franchises?

Equipment and infrastructure see growth as companies look for systems to augment cloud-based services

Personal computing options continue to evolve at lightning speed in terms of devices and storage options. That’s true for businesses, as well, and that’s why TeamLogic IT franchise owners are working to provide full, turnkey solutions that involve hardware and data storage solutions.


Part of TeamLogic IT’s ongoing success is the ability of franchisees to meet customers where they are in a variety of ways. The door often is opened with a service call; from there the whole staff of a TeamLogic IT franchise gets to know that client better. Those conversations often result in systems evaluations, equipment sales, managed service contracts and more, growing into strong relationships that help customers and TeamLogic IT franchisees alike.

Multiple service lines mean increased revenues

This multidisciplinary approach to IT is why TeamLogic IT is poised for yet another year of double-digit revenue growth across the enterprise, says Chuck Lennon, president.

“We are looking at anywhere from 30 percent to 40 percent growth over last year,” Chuck says. “And we’re seeing that in all areas of the business. Managed services are doing very well for our franchisees, and we’re also seeing heavy growth in project work. That’s everything from new telephone systems to relocating or installing new servers to very sophisticated backup and business-continuity solutions.”

TeamLogic IT franchise owners also are moving more into product sales, creating another revenue stream for the business. Often these are server systems dedicated to on-the-ground backup as businesses want a more tangible option than cloud-based storage.

“The myth that everything is moving to the cloud is questionable, as we’re selling an awful lot of gear,” Chuck says. “Servers, laptops, tablets, phone systems … all kinds of equipment, all across the board. And what’s exciting for us when we sell the gear, we’re also selling managed services solutions to keep it up and running.”

Seasonal budgetary needs deserve special attention

Another way TeamLogic IT franchise owners can boost the bottom line is by tapping into fourth- and first-quarter infrastructure budgets. Often clients need to make purchases by late December to use funds allocated for the current fiscal year, or they buy in early January to kick-start the new year’s budgetary process.

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“Companies are spending more on IT now, and that usually means tech infrastructure,” Chuck explains. “They want upgrades, and this is a good year to reinforce the TeamLogic IT relationship by being proactive about suggesting equipment upgrades of all kinds. It not only helps boost sales, but also brings in additional revenue to the franchise for the installation costs. It can often mean a revised and upgraded managed IT services contract.”

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