Vendors Appreciate TeamLogic IT’s Growing Buyer Clout

As TeamLogic IT’s franchise network grows in size and scope, every location needs more hardware and software, to vendors’ delight

team logic it franchise team members

TeamLogic IT franchises work with small businesses in markets all around the United States, making them a valuable partner for vendors of hardware, software and other IT services.

When TeamLogic IT franchise owners met up in Huntington Beach last October for the annual owners’ summit, they shook hands and heard sales pitches from a lot of IT vendors. Why? Because they’re a hot market.

“We had a record number of owners attending, simply because we’ve got more TeamLogic IT franchise locations and business than ever before,” says Chuck Lennon, President. “But we also broke another record in that we ran out of space in our vendor area. We had them crammed into every nook and cranny.”

Volume, managed services play roles

That’s because software and hardware producers have seen the rise of TeamLogic IT franchise locations in major metropolitan areas, smaller cities and everywhere in between. They’ve also seen how the TeamLogic IT managed services contract model leads to ongoing maintenance and upgrades for clients.

“It’s a win for them either way, because they know our techs are selling a lot of firmware and software to new clients, as well as to ongoing clients, thanks to that managed services relationship,” Chuck says. “A busy TeamLogic IT franchise means that those products aren’t sitting around on shelves. And because we are a national brand, we’re buying in the thousands, not in the hundreds, which vendors love.”

Those solid client relationships benefit vendors’ new products, as well, he adds, because TeamLogic IT is in the position of being able to recommend new and upgraded products to clients every day.

Popularity is good for clients

What’s more, those daily client interactions benefit the clients themselves when it comes to product purchasing.

“The client can ask about some new piece of software, or service, that they’ve heard about, and that’s good for the vendor who’s selling it because we are a trusted partner to that client,” Chuck says. “If we recommend it, they are much closer to buying it than they would be just reading about it on the manufacturer’s or vendor’s website.”

In addition, TeamLogic IT franchise owners often can benefit from the bulk buying that they and their colleagues provide to vendors.

“Because we buy so much, we can command some discounts, and when we pass that along to the customers, they are thrilled,” Chuck says. “And even at a reduced price, we are still able to leave in enough margin for the franchise owner to make some profit on the order, as well as the installation, which works out beautifully for TeamLogic IT.”

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